Odisha: Truck Driver Fined Rs 1000 For Not Wearing Helmet

Bhubaneshwar, 18th March 2021: A truck driver in the Ganjam district of Odisha has been fined Rs 1000. However, the reason is unique and surprising, due to which the case has become viral. The administration has imposed a Rs 1000 fine on a truck driver for not wearing a helmet.

The news agency ANI has also shared a picture of the challan, giving details of the driver to the vehicle. According to the details, when Pramod Kumar reached the Transport Department’s office in Ganjam district to renew the permit of his vehicle, he was handed a copy of the challan, which had a fine of one thousand rupees. The date on the copy of the challan is 15 March 2021, and the vehicle number OR-07W / 4593 has been mentioned.

At the same time, according to Aaj Tak TV, when Pramod Kumar talked to the officials about this challan, he was told that the challan had been imposed due to driving without a helmet.

Pramod said, “My truck driving permit was over, and I went to the RTO office to renew it, then I came to know about this pending challan.”

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