पटेल जयंती: राष्ट्रीय एकता व अखंता के अग्रदूत थे सरदार वल्लभ भाई पटेल


दीपांकर झा

कटिहार (बिहार), १७ नवंबर २०१९ : निः संदेह भारत के प्रथम उप प्रधानमंत्री व गृह मंत्री सरदार वल्लभ भाई पटेल भारती स्वाधीनता संग्राम के अग्रणी योद्धा व भारत सरकार के आधार स्तंभ थे। देश को एकता के सूत्र में पिरोने वाले लौह पुरुष सरदार वल्लभ भाई पटेल को याद करते हुए,आज कटिहार धुरूब कुंडू पार्क कारगिल चौक समीप समुदाय भवन में पटेल जयंती मनाया गया।

माननीय कोढ़ा विधायक नीरज यादव जी व पूर्व शिक्षा मंत्री डॉ राम प्रकाश महतो, डॉ सच्चिदानंद पटेल के अध्यक्षता में एवं पटेल जयंती महासचिव श्री रमेश चंद्र जी ने पत्रकारों को संबोधित करते हुए कहा कि आज फिर एक बार फिर सरदार जी की सोच एवम् उनके बताए हुए मार्ग की आवश्यकता है।जिससे समाज में आपसी सौहार्द बने साथ ही अखंड भारत में भाई चारा बनाए रखने की आवश्यकता है |
सरदार पटेल जी की जयंती समारोह में उपस्थित गणमान्य श्रीकान्त मंडल जी, काशी नाथ मंडल, रामेश्वर मंडल, सुरेश प्रसाद सिंह,एडवोकेट कुबर चौधरी, सिकंदर मंडल,बाल कृष्ण पटेल,प्रदीप चौधरी, तारकेश्वर ठाकुर,विवेक पटेल ,बी. के सिंह, मुरारी झा, असिन मुखिया, संजय पटेल, विद्यासागर प्रसाद हरेंद्र मंडल, उपेन्द्र राय,अनुज कुमार, आदि पटेल समाज के प्रमुख लोग उपस्थति थे |

Ram Temple to be built at disputed land in Ayodhya : Supreme Court


New Delhi, November 9,2019: The Supreme Court today ruled that Ramjanambhoomi-Babri Masjid disputed land in Ayodhya belongs to Ramlala and directed to the Central Government to make rules for Ram Temple construction within three months.

At the same time the court gave judgement that Muslims should be given five acres land from the already acquired land or at some prominent location in Ayodhya.

The apex court dismissed suit 3 by Nirmohi Akhara as it was barred by limitation.

“The Central Govt should within 3 months formulate a scheme envisaging setting up of Trust. Possession of inner and outer courtyards to be handed over to the Trust. A suitable plot of land measuring 5 acres to be handed over to Sunni Waqf Board either by Central Government or State Government. Sunni Wakf Board at liberty to construct a mosque at the allotted land”, the judgement states.

The court observed that Muslims have not brought evidence to show possessory title, there is no evidence to show the offer of Namaz by Muslims to the exclusion of Hindus. Hindus have been able to establish unimpeded possession of outer courtyard, Supreme Court.

“The disputed site is one composite plot. The inner courtyard is a contested site. Evidence indicates no abandonment of mosque by Muslims. Destruction of mosque against rule of law. The outer courtyard became a focal point of worshipping by Hindus. Riots of 1934 indicate that the possession of inner courtyard became a matter of serious contention. Muslims have not been able to establish possessory title to inner courtyard. Hindus believe that Lord Ram was born right below the central dome of the disputed structure. Both Hindu and Muslim witnesses indicate that Hindus and Muslims were offering prayers at the disputed site”, the judges observed.

The Ayodhya dispute is a political, historical and socio-religious debate in India, centred on a plot of land in the city of Ayodhya, located in Faizabad district, Uttar Pradesh. The issues revolve around the control of a site traditionally regarded among Hindus to be the birthplace of the Hindu deity Rama, the history and location of the Babri Masjid at the site, and whether a previous Hindu temple was demolished or modified to create the mosque.

The Babri Masjid was destroyed during a political rally which turned into a riot on 6 December 1992. A subsequent land title case was lodged in the Allahabad High Court, the verdict of which was pronounced on 30 September 2010. In the judgment, the three judges of the Allahabad High Court ruled that the 2.77 acres (1.12 ha) of Ayodhya land be divided into three parts, with 1⁄3 going to the Ram Lalla or Infant Rama represented by the Hindu Maha Sabha, 1⁄3 going to the Sunni Waqf Board and the remaining 1⁄3 going to Nirmohi Akhara. The judgment affirmed that the disputed land was the birthplace of Rama as per the faith and belief of Hindus, and that the Babri Masjid was built after the demolition of a Hindu temple, noting that it wasn’t built in accordance with the tenets of Islam.

PM inaugurates Integrated Check Post and flags off 1st batch of pilgrims at Kartarpur Sahib corridor


Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated Integrated Check Post and flagged off first batch of pilgrims at Kartarpur Sahib corridor in Gurdaspur, Punjab today.

Prime Minister took a guided tour of digital installation on life of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, and the Passenger Terminal Building prior to the inauguration of Kartarpur Corridor.

He also interacted with the 1st batch of pilgrims just before their departure.

Integrated Check Post, Kartarpur Corridor

Integrated Check Post would facilitate, Indian Piligrims to visit to Gurudwara Kartapur Sahib in Pakistan.

India has signed the Agreement with Pakistan on the 24th of October 2019 on the modalities for operationalisation of the Kartarpur Sahib Corridor at Zero Point, International Boundary, Dera Baba Nanak.

It may be recalled, the Union Cabinet passed a resolution on 22 November 2018 to celebrate the historic occasion of 550th Birth Anniversary of Shri Guru Nanak Devji in a grand and befitting manner, throughout the country and across the globe.

The Union Cabinet also approved the building and development of the Kartarpur Sahib Corridor from Dera Baba Nanak to the International Boundary, to facilitate pilgrims from India to visit Gurdwara Darbar Sahib Kartarpur, round the year, in a smooth and easy manner.

Provisions made for facilitation of Pilgrims

The 4.2 Km four lane highway connecting Dera Baba Nanak from Amritsar – Gurdaspur Highway is constructed at a cost of Rs 120 Cr.

The state-of-the-art Passenger Terminal Building is on 15 acres land. The fully air conditioned building akin to an airport has over 50 immigration counters for facilitating about 5000 pilgrims a day.

It has all the necessary public amenities like kiosks, washrooms, child care, first aid medical facilities, prayer room and snacks counters inside main building.

Robust security infrastructure is put in place with CCTV surveillance and public address systems.

A 300 ft. National Monumental Flag is also being hoisted at the International Border.

The Agreement signed with Pakistan on the 24th of October provides a formal framework for operationalisation of the Kartarpur Sahib Corridor.

The highlights of the Agreement are: –

  • Indian pilgrims of all faiths and persons of Indian origin can use the corridor;
  • The travel will be Visa Free;
  • Pilgrims need to carry only a valid passport;
  • Persons of Indian Origin need to carry OCI card along with the passport of their country;
  • The Corridor is open from dawn to dusk. Pilgrims travelling in the morning will have to return on the same day;
  • The Corridor will be operational throughout the year, except on notified days, to be informed in advance;
  • Pilgrims will have a choice to visit as individuals or in groups, and also to travel on foot;
  • India will send the list of pilgrims to Pakistan 10 days ahead of travel date. Confirmation will be sent to pilgrims 4 days before the travel date;
  • The Pakistan side has assured India on sufficient provision for ‘Langar’ and distribution of ‘Prasad’;

Portal for Registration

The pilgrims may have to necessarily register themselves online on the portal exercise their choice to travel on any day. Pilgrims will be informed by SMS and email of the confirmation of registration 3 to 4 days in advance of the date of travel. An Electronic Travel Authorization will also be generated. The pilgrims need to carry Electronic Travel Authorization, along with their passport, when they arrive at the Passenger Terminal Building.

Leena Jain’s Pepper & Pint hosted fashion nights in collaboration with Ace Designer Rohit Verma

8 November 2019, MUMBAI-
Pepper & Pint is the place where food, fashion & luxury was seen together when ace designer Rohit Verma hosted his glamorous & dazzling fashion night

Theme- Glamour & Dazzle

Address – Pepper & Pint, 2nd Floor, Horizon, Juhu Tara Road, Juhu, Mumbai

Evening saw the presence of Ramesh Sippy ,Kiran   Sippy Poonam Dhillon, Debina Banerjee, Mahesh Thakur, Giorgia Andriani, Madhurima Nigam, Shaleen Bhanot, Karan Mehra, Tanaz  & Bhaktiyar, Delbaz Irani, Ismail Darbaar, Gaurav ,Summeir Pasricha, Sonali Raut, Gulfam Khan, Yuvika Chaudhary, Karan Sharma, Anu Malik,   Zain Imam, Gia Manik, Mouli Ganguly, Mazhar , Sooraj Thapar, Deepshikha Nagpal, Madhu Bhaduri, Rehaan Shah, Sandhya Shetty, Dr. Aneel Kashi Murarka, Ssudeep Sahir, Anatica Sahir, Evelyn Sharma, Debina Bonerjee, Rakesh Paul, Hansa Singh, Jaspinder Narula, Munisha khatwani, Abhishek Bajaj, Rashmi Pai, Poonam Dhillon, Tejaswani Kolhapure, Sonali Raut, Nidhi Sethi, Nibedita Pal, Ankit Bhatla, Nishant Singh Malkani, Karan Oberoi, Abhishek Bajaj, Sargam singh, Suraj thapar, Ashita Dhawan, Shailesh Gulabani, Sandip Sopparkar, Ridheema Tiwari, Ramesh sippy Kiran Juneja, Sheela Tiruchi, Pooja Vaidya, Lubna Admas, & many more.7th November 2019 in Mumbai- Glitz and glamour, gloss and shine! For a city that takes its food & fashion very seriously, Leena Jain, owner of Pepper & Pint had Ace Designer Rohit Verma host his glamorous & dazzling fashion night. 

It rained glamour when guests had their best glittering outfits on, to dazzle through the evening. 

To have a taste of the best in food & fashion , every single famed film,  television & fashion personality in the city was present – and amidst much joie de vivre, they had their fill, choosing from an array of dishes especially curated considering Rohit’s theme of the evening in mind.

Leena Jain, owner of Pepper & Pint said “We were more than happy to host Rohit Verma at Pepper & Pint. Synergy between Rohit Verma & us was just perfect because the creative process behind both food and fashion involves inspiration, an appreciation of history, a willingness to experiment, the selection of tools—whether it be fabric or ingredients”

Designer Rohit Verma said “Pepper & Pint was the perfect venue to host the evening. It was an eclectic mix of fashion, fun & food. What better way to enjoy the evening over delicious food & glamour”.

Colgate’s Keep India Smiling Mission to Raise Oral Health Awareness, Sets a New Guinness World Record

  • 8 November 2019-

26,382 people brushed their teeth simultaneously in Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India
Colgate-Palmolive (India) Limited, the market leader in Oral Care, joined hands with Indian Association of Public Health Dentistry (IAPHD) and the world’s first University for tribals – Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS), to highlight the importance of Oral Care in India, and set a new Guinness World Record for most number of people brushing their teeth simultaneously at a single venue.

Colgate-Palmolive (India) Limited, the market leader in Oral Care, joined hands with Indian Association of Public Health Dentistry (IAPHD) and the world’s first University for tribals – Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS), to highlight the importance of Oral Care in India, and set a new Guinness World Record for most number of people brushing their teeth simultaneously at a single venue.

To create this new Guinness World Record, 26,382 people including students, Institute staff and tribal children gathered at KISS, to brush at the same time with Colgate Strong Teeth toothpaste and Colgate toothbrush.

Commenting on the achievement, Ram Raghavan, Managing Director, Colgate-Palmolive (India) Limited said, “I am delighted to be here with you to celebrate and salute the spirit of India.

On behalf of Colgate, firstly, I would like to thank – Shri Sudam Marndi, Hon’ble Minister of Revenue & Disaster Management, Odisha, Shri Raghunandan Das, Hon’ble Minister of State for Water Resources, Information & Public Relations, Odisha, and our partners in this attempt for Guinness World Record – Prof. Achyuta Samanta, Founder of Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences and Dr. Sabyasachi Saha, Secretary- Indian Association of Public Health Dentistry. Thank you for your support in this milestone event that helps to significantly raise the level of awareness about the importance of Oral Health in India.

My heartiest congratulations also to all the teachers, students and participants. Your effort towards this World Record of the most number of people brushing together is an achievement by itself and is a matter of pride for all India.

At Colgate, we believe that everyone deserves a future they can smile about and we bring that to life with our Keep India Smiling initiative through our sustained efforts to improve and elevate the Oral Health in the country.

Programs such as our flagship Bright Smiles, Bright Futures™, which has touched over 162 million children over the past 40 years is a great example of this.

While a lot has been achieved, there’s still a lot more work to be done. And, I think, occasions like today, help to serve as an important reminder about the importance of oral health and its positive impact on people’s health and lives. I urge everyone to continue with good Oral Care habits and as we say at Colgate, Get started with a Smile.”

Prof. Achyuta Samanta, Founder, Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences, said, “Our purpose at KIIT and KISS is to nurture and provide a holistic environment for indigenous children to explore their potential and excel in academics, sports and co-curricular activities. Setting this 4th Guinness World Record is another demonstration of our commitment to teaching our students the right way to live and the correct oral care habits that will stay with them for life and help in building their overall health and well-being.”

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Sabyasachi Saha, Secretary, IAPHD, said, “Every year we celebrate 7th November as the National Toothbrushing Day. This year we decided to celebrate it by setting a new Guinness World Record to raise awareness and improve Oral hygiene in the country to make every Indian use a toothbrush. This record is an important milestone in the silver jubilee celebration of Indian Association of Public Health Dentistry.”

To help get started on the path of lifelong healthy Oral Care habits, Colgate has been running its pan-India flagship program – Bright Smiles, Bright Futures™ (BSBF), since 1976, which provides Oral Health education to urban and rural schoolchildren and has reached over 162 million children till date. Another annual program – Oral Health Month (OHM), which started in 2004, offers free dental check-ups to people across the country, and has helped over 40 million people so far.

5 drinks that you must avoid at all costs


We must have to be aware of what we actually consume and drink every day. Especially in terms of breakfast that should never be missed out anyhow.

Acquiring the habit of packing on milk and sugar-rich coffee several times throughout the day or preparing Diet Coke an indispensable part of your lunch is functioning their way on the way to damaging your internal organs.

You can consume it from time to time, surefire, and you should. But always keep in mind take in moderation. 

Here are the drinks you should never have: 

1. Sugary Lemonade    

Regrettably, to fight against the high acidity in lemon juice, a massive quantity of sweetener is used to prepare lemonade (containing high-fructose corn syrup). A glass of this drink is occupied with almost 160 calories. Thus, mix some honey to the drink in spite of a sweetener. In addition to this if you drink lemonade without sugar or with low calorie sugar then it could be beneficial for health and you can order this drink online using swiggy referral code with discounted prices.

2. Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated drinks and soda with sugar or high-fructose corn syrup obviously thwart your regular calorie consumption. You wouldn’t like to put on more deets. Simply, avoid this.

3. Energy Drinks

Energy drinks lead to the “caffeine intoxication,” which can also create trouble in sleeping, a nervous sensitivity, and an augmented or asymmetrical heartbeat. Cease from those Red Bulls and these drinks can make you feel less energetic and more lethargy.

4. Fruit Juices

The brain doesn’t pay off for the calories and sugar that available with bursting in juices or always make you feel the longing to eat fewer foods always, thus you take a drink of juice and then drink the similar amount of calories. This happens just because there’s no fiber or protein holding in it. You’d pretty have the complete fruit.

5. Milk Coffee

Combination of whole milk, beaten cream, and sugar can make you each morning cuppa into a calorie-thick sweet course. Thus, if you are helpless without taking your regular dose of caffeine, then move to original black coffee. It might take some people getting habituated to, but once you start taking it; it may be harmful to your body.

6. Almond Milk

Almond milk has fast become one and all desired choice to cow’s milk. It is very cost-effective, it flavors really awesome, it can be supplemented with smoothies, and it’s a perfect alternative for those who are subtle to dairy. However, some people drink that is to be considered that they deliver complete nutritional advantages of the real nut itself.

As, almond milk is only prepared about two part of original almonds, thus deficient which is completely a healthy fat, protein, vitamins, and minerals you actually obtain from consuming the nuts in their hard form. Though, some types of almond milk have mixed with sugar to make sweeter, loading you with excessive and unfilled calories.

It is best to drink a cold glass of water and take on a few raw almonds. Even though, for an additional 160 calories or hence, however, you’ll be full and obtain the complete nourishing benefit from almonds. You can get detail of Off Campus Jobs online from fresh hiring

7. Vitamin Water

Vitamins and water obviously these two things sound like a perfect combo, is it right? Finally, our body’s necessary for both drinks. Of course, there are lots of vitamins, as assured. But there’s also enough sugar. Almost 120 calories’ essential in the usual bottle. That’s quite less what you’ll find in the similar about of soda, but not even more. But better to avoid these both as they may lead to health conditions anytime.

8. Diet Soda

If you love drinking diet soda, you maybe know it isn’t good for you, just, but you might accept reason it’s a cut beyond sugar-sugared foamy drinks. Regrettably, calorie-free diet drinks are not good for health. As per to a 2008 University of Minnesota research it has been found, only one diet soda every day is connected to an augmented risk of the metabolic condition. A University of Texas Health Science Center research surveyed that put down two or more sacks of diet soda on a daily basis enhanced people’s waists by 500%. Diet soda intake has even been associated with kidney problems and acid reflux.

Thus, you should avoid these drinks anyhow.

Sahyadri Industries Ltd’s EcoPro (Fibre Cement Board) Gets Green Product Certification

8 November 2019, Pune, Maharashtra, India
EcoPro (Fibre Cement Board)’ manufactured by Sahyadri Industries Ltd (Pune) was awarded the ‘GreenPro Ecolabel – Green Product Certification by CII-Godrej GBC (Confederation of Indian Industries – Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre). The certificate was awarded at the Green Building Congress held at Hyderabad recently.
EcoPro (Fibre Cement Board)’ manufactured by Sahyadri Industries Ltd (Pune) was awarded the ‘GreenPro Ecolabel – Green Product Certification by CII-Godrej GBC (Confederation of Indian Industries – Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre). The certificate was awarded at the Green Building Congress held at Hyderabad recently.

Mr. V T Rabindranath – Sr President Sales & Marketing Sahyadri Industries received the award on behalf the company of whose product EcoPro (Fibre Cement Board) -an extraordinary innovation which is wood-free, light-weight and asbestos-free alternative to conventional materials and asbestos products.

R.Chuttree Phurat (Project Manager, Green Label, Thailand Environment Institute), Ms. Kate Harris (CEO, Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA), Ms R Sobha (IFS, Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Telangana State), Mr. Parasu Raman R (Chairman, Green Products and Services Council), Mr V. T. Rabindranath (Sr. President, Sahyadri Industries Ltd), Mr C Shekar Reddy (Chairman, IGBC Hyderabad Chapter), Mr K S Venkatagiri (Executive Director, CII-Godrej GBC) were also present on  the occasion.

Satyen V Patel, MD, Sahyadri Industries said, “It’s a moment of pride for EcoPro brand to be GreenPro certified. It’s important for stakeholders in industry from contractors to architects to understand the importance of using a Green product like EcoPro. Use of EcoPro for external cladding or facades and in interiors too will effectively help mitigate the current challenges of Heat island effect or SRI index.”

“Sahyadri Industries Ltd has taken many initiatives for reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing ‘EcoPro (Fibre Cement Board)’ at every stage of their life cycle. The product has met the requirements of GreenPro Ecolabelling standard and qualifies for GreenPro Ecolabel,” he added.   
About the Company

Sahyadri Industries Ltd, a flagship company of The Patel Group, Pune (Maharashtra, India). An ISO 9001: 2015, OSAS 14001:2004 Certified, CE certified and BSE listed company. A Leading player in the building material space for over 6 decades. Plants across Western and Southern India with the production capacity of 50,000 MT of roofing materials and 8000 MT of cement boards every month.

Sahyadri Industries Ltd has been its established market position in the corrugated AC sheets industry. SIL has been manufacturing AC sheets under the Swastik brand & other brands like CEMPLY Flat Sheet. It is present in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Chhattisgarh & Orissa.

How India’s Online Gaming Industry Is Turning Into A Billion-Dollar Market?


8 November 2019- Online gaming is a very popular activity in India that is constantly becoming the favorite hobby of the increasing number of people. And, it has been proved by the recently updated report which said that online gaming industry in India is continuously on the rise with revenue growing at the compound annual growth rate of 22% from FY18 – FY23. This sector is noticing the increased pull due to the higher growth of digital infrastructure. For example, fantasy sports and real money games are emerging as the most imperative aspect of this field. 

Growth Of Indian Digital Gaming Industry

Digital Gaming in India is growing drastically with leading players of the industry making huge investments in it. This fastest growing industry is turning into a billion dollar market that is worth more than $890 million. The demand curve of online games is continuously showing an upward, thereby resulting in the emergence of over 250 game development companies. Approximately, minimum of 2 gaming startup companies are making a debut every month. This rising popularity is due to the convenience of playing a favorite online game from the home comfort and privacy by simply tapping at the screen of small devices.  

Contribution Of Fantasy Sports In Indian Online Gaming Growth

Considering the interest of a huge number of people for fantasy sports, so many operators are making a presence in the market with their special offerings. Eventually, the counting of people registering on fantasy sports platforms is estimated to reach higher than 100 million by the end of the year 2020. 

Motivating Factors For Fantasy Sports Respondents

It has been found that people are showing increased engagement with their most preferred sports due to the immense “opportunity to win money”. It was considered as the 5th most influential factor that draws higher user engagement for approximately 30% of the respondents. Fun and excitement are other primary factors that encourage about 72% of people to play fantasy sports. Around 81% of respondents claim that it requires skills and deep & updated knowledge to play fantasy sports. However, 69% find no overlapping between sports betting and fantasy sports.   

70-75% of the spends on fantasy sports portals are re-investments derived from last winnings, promotional offers, or cash bonuses offered by operators to their respective customers. While the remaining 25-30% of the spends are obtained straight from the pocket of users. About 70% of people from smaller cities play fantasy sports over 4 times weekly. On the other hand, 85% of users from the top cities play these sports about 1-3 times per week.  

According to the estimates, the mobile game market of India will generate $1.1 billion in revenue by the end of 2020. The number of online gamers will reach up to 628 million by 2020. The increase in the counting of smartphone users is creating a stable market for the highly entertaining mobile gaming industry. This is due to the fact that users are continuously on the lookout for the innovative source of entertainment.      

Income Tax Department conducts searches in Karnataka


The Income Tax Department conducted search on 9th October 2019 on a prominent business group in Karnataka which runs multiple educational institutions. During the course of the search, the modus operandi of conversion of seats which were originally to be allotted by merit through counselling by MCC maliciously into institutional quota seats through dropout system has been unearthed.

Incriminating evidence has been found in the search, substantiating conversion of seats, commission payments to brokers and sale of seats in exchange of receipt of cash. Evidences of use of multiple agents for conversion of MBBS and PG seats have also been found. Diversion of funds in the form of payment of on-money for the purpose of purchase of immovable assets for the benefit of trustees has also been established including finding of cash in possession of seller, commission in the hands of broker and strong written and audio evidences found in possession of the concerned parties. Evidences of handling of such cash generated, diversion for construction of hotels have also been found. Hawala transactions relating to movement of such cash have also been established. A total of Rs.4.22 crore of unaccounted cash has so far been found including Rs.89 lakh in the house of the main trustee.

Certain students whose names were used in conversion of seats have made statements establishing the modus operandi. Agents have admitted to have aided in sale of seats, brokers have admitted to be witness and accomplice to diversion of such cash generated.

Modus operandi of making cash deposits in the accounts of certain employees & their families and diversion of them to fixed deposits which are used to services loans taken by trustees has been unearthed. Evidence has further brought to light the fact that trustees have opened bank accounts in the names of their employees to deposit some of the capitation fee received in cash. Fixed deposits amounting to Rs. 4.6 crore in the names of 8 employees made in the above manner have been seized. It was further found that the interest from such benami fixed deposits have been used to service the loans taken by the trustees in their personal capacity.

Evidences also reveal undisclosed investments in real estate. Overall the total undisclosed income detected so far is around Rs.100 crore considering the cash donations received for 185 seats averaging Rs.50 lakh to Rs.65 lakh per seat and total seizure of undisclosed assets of Rs. 8.82 crore. Further investigations are in progress.

Mobile App, “mHariyali” Launched for ‘Environment Protection in Government Colonies’ Website

“Our government in June 2019 directed all Ministries/ Departments to take up and implement on the ground within the next 100 days of various public welfare/ development activities. We are strongly committed to improve the quality of life of citizens.” said Shri Hardeep S Puri, Minister of State(I/c) for Housing & Urban Affairs launching the mobile app, mHariyali,”,here today. The app is aimed to encourage Public engagement in planting trees and other such Green drives. People can now upload information/photos of any plantation done by them, which is linked to app and will be displayed on the website The App provides for automatic geo-tagging of plants. This app will also enable nodal officers to periodically monitor the plantation. The App is user friendly and works on any android mobile phone.

Earlier this month, as part of activities to promote ease of living, the Directorate of Estates, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs carried out the following activities in 103 selected government colonies (76 in Delhi and 29 in other States) through public/stakeholders participation:

  1. Cleaning and greening of open space through plantation
  2. Rain Water Harvesting – Awareness and construction
  3. Sensitization on Source Segregation of Household waste and Orientaion and Capacity building on Home composting

For each colony, the above activities were taken up in a campaign mode over 100 days from 15.7.2019 to 15.10.2019 and will continue, Nodal Officers were appointed from the Directorate, CPWD and ULBs to liaison with Resident Welfare Association to ensure maximum public participation.

A mass plantation drive “Haryali Mahotsav” was launched in San Martin Park,Chanakyapuri on 28.7.2019 by Secretary HUA in which approx 500 plants were planted and about 150 people, including students, participated. To date, 21,756 plants, including fruit plants have planted in these 103 colonies and more than 3800 people have participated.

25 Rain Water Harvesting structures were constructed and 307 systems were augmented. For generating awareness about source segregation of waste and home composting solutions, 57,782 SMSs were sent to allottees of Government colonies, and 76 Exhibitions were held to sensitize the public.