New Delhi, 14 April 2021: Bhubaneswar, 14th April 2021: Resident doctors of AIIMS Bhubaneswar have written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to end the VIP culture in government hospitals. Doctors have requested the PM to end the preference given to the treatment of bureaucrats, leaders, and political party workers in government hospitals like AIIMS.

The doctors’ association of AIIMS Bhubaneswar has written in this letter to the PM that all life support / ICU services in hospitals are being reserved for VIPs, politicians, and their party workers. Many of these people do not need it and they can be treated only by keeping it in isolation.

In the letter, the doctors have said that there are talks about the opening of a VIP counter in the hospital. Not only this, there have been many such cases in which many politicians have called them to their homes after the duty of the doctors is over. Doctors say that due to these reasons, the mental agony of the doctor’s increases, and it also affects their ability at the workplace.

The letter states that doctors have been at the forefront since the onset of the epidemic and are risking their lives. But when he or his family member gets infected, they get long queues and pre-filled beds in the ICU. He says that there is no separate counter for doctors in hospitals, nor is any bed reserved for resident doctors. The medical superintendent has never taken cognizance of the case.

Opposing VIP facilities in hospitals and giving special facilities to politicians and officers, the doctors said that this is an insult to the frontline workers.