Bhopal, 11 April 2021: Public Works Minister Gopal Bhargava has expressed gratitude to Union Surface Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari for the approval of Rs. 726 crore by the Government of India for the construction and strengthening of 291 km of roads of 14 national highway projects in the state. He has said that the development of national highways in the state will give new impetus to development.

Principal Secretary Public Works Department Neeraj Mandloi informed that approval has been given by the Government of India for preparation of DPR for new routes, strengthening of pre-established National Highways and construction of new roads under 14 National Highway Projects in Madhya Pradesh.

Principal Secretary informed that Rs 7 crore 83 lakh has been sanctioned for the strengthening of roadways on NH 30 in Sohagi, Garh and Katra towns. Similarly, Rs 21 crore 87 lakh for the preparation of DPR for the construction of 572 km of National Highways., Rs 7 crore 45 lakh for strengthening of Gulganj to Amanganj NH 43, Rs 22 crore 65 lakh for strengthening of Sagar to Chhatarpur NH 86, Rs 9 crore 11 lakh for Damoh Hirapur NH 12, Sagar Tola to Shahdol National Highway 19 crore 67 lakh has been sanctioned, Rs. 18 crore 19 lakh has been sanctioned for strengthening of National Highway from Dinara-Pachor-Chanderi-Mungaoli to Melua intersection and Rs. 529 crore 40 lakh for Sidhi-Singrauli highway.

Along with this, approval of Rs 9 crore 42 lakh for the construction of toll plaza on NH 26A, Rs 6 crore 61 lakh for the strengthening of NH 86 passing through Bhopal city and Rs 73 crore 43 lakh provided for Bamitha Khajuraho road.