Bhopal, 11 April 2021: Governor Anandiben Patel has said that the universities should cooperate in the control of Corona infection, office bearers and members of residential, mohalla and ward committees should be motivated for public curfew in areas where the impact of the infection is more. Efforts must be made by universities to coordinate. University teachers and students should extend support in ensuring necessary arrangements for public awareness and Janata Curfew. This will make efforts to control Corona infection effective. She also called for the commitment of the staff and students of universities to follow Corona guidelines responsibly. Smt. Patel was holding a video conference from Lucknow Raj Bhavan today with the Vice Chancellors of 21 government universities of the state.

Governor Anandiben Patel said that there should be no need for residents to go out during Janata Curfew. Support of youth may be sought in this task. The Universities should form teams of youth, who can stay in touch with residents on telephone and purchase necessary items and other materials for them and deliver it to them. This will ensure that residents stay indoors. There will be less congestion in shops. System of social distancing will also be strengthened. She said that students who have done outstanding work in the field of public awakening and public assistance through social service and for vaccinations, can be rewarded and honoured by the universities. Universities should make efforts in this direction with innovative thinking.

Anandiben Patel said that universities and their students can also cooperate in speeding up the work of vaccination according to the guide line issued by the Central Government. She said that every single dose of vaccination is important in this hour of crisis because one vaccine has dose for 10 people. Therefore, it is important that motivators for vaccination keep in mind that only eligible persons are taken to the centre in multiples of 10. In this regard, public awareness efforts should be intensified through University IT Cell. The universities must ensure cent percent vaccination in the villages adopted by them. At the same time, everyone including university vice chancellors to the students should strictly wear mask and follow social distancing. They should inspire others also to follow. Anandiben Patel said that the symptoms of Corona are changing. A person may be affected by Covid infection even if not showing direct symptoms. It is therefore necessary for everyone to wear a mask and follow social distancing. Following Corona guide line with responsibility is the basis of success in the battle against Corona. She said that yoga has an effective role in boosting immunity. The universities should establish more yoga centers. She said that online study-teaching should also be conducted effectively. There should be no confusion regarding the exam dates. For this, the possible dates for examinations should be decided by all universities in advance. This will serve as an assurance to parents and students regarding examinations and students will be able to prepare for their examinations with concentration.

Higher Education Minister Dr. Mohan Yadav said that Corona crisis has to be faced unitedly. Corona can be overcome with the support and cooperation of all. He said that the crisis should be faced skilfully by forming a strategy. It should also be ensured that the future of students is not hampered in the efforts to prevent infection. Decisions of other states regarding examinations and circumstances of students must be taken into consideration while taking any action in connection with the All India examinations in which the students are eligible to appear after undergraduate and postgraduate courses. He motivated the universities to actively cooperate in making efforts for vaccinations and mass awakening in rural areas.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Additional Secretary to the Governor R.K. Kaul assured the Governor that her instructions would be followed effectively. On this occasion, all government universities provided information regarding the efforts made by them for Covid vaccinations and public awareness.