Kashmir, 2nd June 2022: In a shocking incident, terrorists killed manager Vijay Kumar after entering a local Dehati Bank located in Aare Mohanpura, branch in Kulgam of Kashmir Valley on Thursday.

This was the second murder of a Hindu in the last three days. Earlier on Tuesday, school teacher Rajni Bala was murdered by terrorists. Not only this, but the terrorists also killed Rahul Bhat by entering the tehsil premises itself.

These incidents have created fear among Kashmiri Pandits and migrant people. Meanwhile, Kashmiri Pandits have decided to migrate in large numbers from Friday. This decision has been taken after the heinous murder of the bank manager.

Amit Raina, the coordinator of the protesting government employees in the Valley, said that the government employees living in the transit camps have called off the agitation. Raina said in a statement, “Agitation has been called off with immediate effect at every place in the Valley. Every day the lives of minorities are being taken. Now the minorities living in the valley are left with no option but to move out.”

Raina said that on Friday all the agitators have been asked to assemble near the Navyug Tunnel. After everyone gathers there, a decision will be taken regarding the future. Teacher Rajni Bala was killed by terrorists after entering a school in Kulgam. This was the 17th target killing in the last 5 months. There are frequent target killings of Kashmiri Pandits, migrant Hindus and Muslims working in government jobs.

Avtar Krishna Bhat, who lives in Hindu Kashmiri Pandit Colony in Baramulla, said, “We have kept trucks ready as we may have to leave at any time. Target killings have shocked us and we want the government to shift us immediately. Not only this but till now more than 100 Hindu families have migrated from Kashmir.