Kashmir, 3rd June 2022: The removal of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir was an age-old demand of Kashmiri Pandits. This demand was fulfilled by the Narendra Modi government. After this political development, there was hope for the return of Kashmiri Pandits. Many even came back to their homes. The terrorists did not like this development maybe which is why they are continuously targeting innocent Hindus.
Recently in the valley area, many target killings have come to the fore. The Hindus living there are horrified by this. Some have migrated to Jammu. Some families have made up their mind to move out.
The biggest challenge for the government and administration these days is to maintain their trust. For this, taking major action against hybrid terrorists is the only option.
The terrorists have received instructions from Pakistan to target soft targets including minorities, civilians, off-duty policemen, panchayat members and pro-Indian people, as they have failed to attack security installations . Intelligence sources say that terrorists, mostly Pakistanis working in Kashmir, have been tasked to change the modus operandi of terrorist activities in Jammu and Kashmir.
It is easy for terrorists to carry small arms like pistols and after attacking the target these terrorists easily mingle with the public which helps them to escape from the surveillance of the army.
Since the last 4 months, pistol-borne terrorists and hybrid terrorists carrying out hit and run target killings in the Kashmir Valley are an emerging challenge for the security forces.
According to the security forces, most of the hybrid terrorists have no police record and are difficult to identify. However, dozens of modules of hybrid terrorists and their whereabouts have been busted. So far around 130 pistols have been recovered.
Union Home Minister Amit Shah has also called a high level meeting for this.