USA, 22 April 2021: Columbus Police in Ohio, USA, shot a black girl with bullets. Officials said that the video footage released by the police can be seen that the girl jumped on two people with a knife. People set out on the streets of Ohio’s largest city to protest against the incident. The incident occurred at a time when the attention of the entire nation was drawn towards the court verdict in the George Floyd murder case. The deceased girl has been identified as Makhia Bryant.
Releasing the video of the incident, Columbus interim police chief Michael Woods said police received a call at emergency number-911. It was said that there was an attempt to attack a house in the southeastern area of ​​the city with a knife. When the police reached there, there was an atmosphere of chaos. A girl attacked a woman while waving a knife. When she fell backwards, the girl attacked the other woman.
The video shows a second woman falling onto a car parked in the parking. After this, the  girl again raised a hand to attack him. But meanwhile, the police officer shot him. As soon as the bullet hit, she piled up there. A knife used in the kitchen was recovered from her.