Shubham Mishra

Jamshedpur, February 17, 2021: After the record rising of Diesel price, the price of petrol in Jamshedpur broke all previous records to touch an all-time high of Rs 86.63 per litre.
The sudden rise in fuel prices worried the citizens. They have requested the government many times to lower the fuel prices. However, the government does not wish to reduce the prices of fuels as it looks to strengthen its revenue after the coronavirus crisis.
“The rising petrol price is a cause of concern. I bought a bike a few months back to travel from Jamshedpur to Ranchi as the government was not allowing buses to run in the city. But now I am facing a huge problem due to this sudden hike in petrol price,” said Rahul Banerjee, a college-going student from Jamshedpur.

“This is unfair to people. The government should think of some other alternative to recover the Indian economy because increasing the price of petrol and diesel has a direct impact on other household things,” said Neelam Sagar, a private school teacher from Jamshedpur.

Union petroleum minister Dharmendra Pradhan defended the increases in price and stated that the extra money collected through taxes on fuel was being spent on health, employment, and ensuring economic security of the people of the country