Shubham Mishra
Jamshedpur, February 15, 2021: The contemporary season of Indian festivities is knocking on the door already. Saraswati Puja or Basant Panchami or Bong Valentine’s Day (as popularly called in Kolkata) will be celebrated on Tuesday, followed by a host of other regional festivals.

With the successful launch of the Covid-19 vaccines, the city can see that people are less terrified and they are happily participating in this festival. Orders have been issued by the government that the idols have to be immersed the very next day in the nearby water bodies, thereby completing the process of worshipping.

Jamshedpur is ready to celebrate the festival. However, there are fewer pandals in the city as compared with the last year. Several colleges and schools are already decorated to celebrate the festival.

“Although life is back to normal, citizens shouldn’t be forgetting the existence of the virus. We must keep ourselves healthy and safe,” said a devotee.

Basant Panchami is also known as ‘Saraswati Jayanti’. Saraswati Puja is quite popular in the north and eastern part of the country. In the state of West Bengal, this celebration is also referred to as the Valentine’s Day of the Bengalis.

According to Hindu mythology, this puja is performed for celebrating Goddess Saraswati’s birthday in places like educational institutions, households and temples.