Dehradun, 12th June 2022: After the completion of the passing out parade of Dehradun-based IMA, several inspiring stories are coming up. They show that if one has passion, even the sky can’t be the limit for flying.

377 cadets participated in the passing out parade of IMA this year. On this occasion, the family members and parents of the cadets were also present. After the passing out parade, the Indian Army got 288 army officers. At the same time, 89 cadets of the friendly countries also fulfilled their dream of joining the forces through this passing out parade. The story of Jammu’s Baba Danish Langer who became a young army officer after participating in the passing out parade is inspirational to all youth.

Baba Danish got paralysed in 2017. Due to viral/bacterial infection, Guillain Barre Syndrome(GBS), he saw his childhood dream shattering: the dream of joining the forces, dream of standing for the security of the country, dream of seeing himself in the army uniform. When paralysis gripped his body, for some time he saw his hopes dying. But he didn’t give up. He not only beat the disease through his willpower but also became an inspiration for others who were losing hope because of a disease. After graduating as an officer from IMA, Langer hooted and threw his cap in the air. It felt as if he threw away the hard times of the last 5 years in the air. Now he is an officer in the army and is happy.

Got rid of Paralysis in just 6 months
After paralysis, Danish became more serious about his goal/aim. The aspiration to join the army strengthened his will. Then after focusing on his aim, he got control of the situation. Rajesh Langer said, ” My son overcome many obstacles, bad times came but today I can feel proud of being the father of the first army officer in the family.”

GBS: a rare disorder
GBS is a rare autoimmune disorder that attacks the body’s immune system and nervous system. Due to this infection, a person can remain lying on the bed for a year. It affects the mobility of a person. It is usually treated with immunotherapy such as plasma exchange. Several of Danish Langer’s batchmates said they saluted his courage. One said that in his place many would have given up and blamed it all on fate. But, Danish was always clear about his goal that he would someday wear the uniform of an Indian Army officer. We are all very happy for him.

Left IIT to join the army; The story of Saish

The urge to join the army stopped Saish Rao from joining the IIT. Both of Saish’s parents are in the army. Lt. Col. Geeta Siddhanti and Col. P.V. Rao’s 21-year-old son, Saish Rao, hailing from Andhra Pradesh’s Krishna district, also became lieutenant on Saturday after completing the IMA’s passing out parade. He cracked both IIT JEE and NDA at one point of time, but when the time came to choose a career, he decided to join the army, carrying on the family legacy. His parents came to Dehradun in army uniform during the passing out parade to congratulate him on this success.