Kolkata, 5th May 2022: Shalby Hospitals Ahmedabad, which is famous across the world for joint replacement and orthopedics has achieved a unique milestone of treating  15,000 joint pain and other complex orthopedic diseases patients from West Bengal. The major areas of West Bengal from where patients go to Shalby Ahmedabad include Kolkata, Howrah, Asansol, Siliguri, Bharampur, Bardhman and Durgapur. Besides, people from neighbouring states from cities like Jamshedpur, Bhilai and Dhanbad also visit Shalby Ahmedabad for their knee and hip replacement surgery. Shalby’s orthopedic surgeons from Ahmedabad hold consultation every Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm at Shanti Wellness Care in Bhawanipur area in Kolkata. People can call on 6357395001 to book their appointment.

Shalby was established by Dr Vikram Shah, world-renowned joint replacement surgeon and its Chairman & Managing Director as a 6-bed small hospital in Ahmedabad in 1994. Under Dr Shah’s visionary leadership, it has grown into a chain of 11 multispecialty hospitals with presence in eight Indian cities. It is renowned across the world for joint replacement and complex as well as revision orthopedic surgeries.

When Dr Vikram Shah established Shalby in 1994 his mission was to provide effective treatment for joint diseases, most of which occur due to age-related joint arthritis, with joint replacement surgery. There was hardly any awareness about this in those days, and though it was becoming popular in western countries there were scarcely any surgeries happening in those days in India. He started with 14 surgeries in the first year, which grew to 100 surgeries the next year. Next year saw a much bigger jump. And in the following years there was no looking back. Today, Dr Vikram Shah is acknowledged not only by the masses but also by the medical fraternity as one of the top joint replacement surgeons of India, who has performed the highest number of such surgeries in the world. Under his leadership today Shalby has become the number 1 joint replacement centre in the world and performs 10,000 such surgeries a year. Till date Shalby has performed more than 1,25,000 joint replacement surgeries. Treatment for all orthopedic diseases from head to toe is available at Shalby. It is a preferred destination for people not only from India but also from across the world for joint replacement and complex & revision orthopedic surgeries.

Dr Vikram Shah, World-renowned Joint Replacement Surgeon & Shalby’s Chairman & Managing Director says, “I am very happy that people of West Bengal have trusted us for their joint pain treatment. We have been treating joint pain and complex orthopedic diseases patients from West Bengal for more than ten years now. We have consultation centres in Kolkata and Siliguri so that people do not have to travel all the way to Ahmedabad for initial screening and consultation. Only those with severe disease come to Ahmedabad for surgery whilst those with mild diseases are treated here itself with medication, diet modifications and exercise counselling. In Kolkata our doctors fly in every week whilst we conduct consultation once a month in Siliguri. Besides, we also do free consultation camps here time to time.”


Myths and Facts about Joint Replacement Surgery

Myth 1 – Total knee replacement lasts only for 10 years

Fact 1 – Current total knee replacement surgery lasts on average 20-25 years.

Myth 2 – Recovery from knee surgery is very painful

Fact 2- Using zero technique, pain after surgery is minimal and managed with medications

Myth 3- Surgery cannot be performed in the elderly

Fact 3 – Medical fitness, rather than age, is relevant for fitness for surgery.