Patna, 10th August 2022: Nitish Kumar reached Rashtriya Janata Dal’s (RJD) office and is going to take oath as the CM of the Grand Alliance today.
According to reports, the central leadership of the BJP had an idea for a long time that Nitish Kumar might make a change, but they did not expect that it would happen within a few days.
Barring the period from 2013 to 2017, Nitish Kumar has been an ally of the BJP since 1995.
The BJP had also promoted Nitish Kumar a lot and gave him a chance as CM. BJP leaders also believe that when BJP got 74 seats in the 2020 assembly elections and JDU got 43, Nitish Kumar felt his stature decreasing.
Nitish Kumar joined hands with RJD, then there is an opportunity for BJP but there will be difficulties. RJD holds a huge base with Muslim and Yadav votes. Nitish Kumar’s face used to help the BJP in connecting the non-Yadav backwards. Now if Nitish Kumar is with RJD, then the social base of both the parties will be huge. In such a situation, the challenge before the BJP will be how it manages the social equations in Bihar.
Recently a BJP meeting was held in Patna. In this meeting, 418 leaders from across the country gathered and they visited 200 Vidhan Sabhas seats of Bihar. BJP did not send leaders only in those 43 seats where JDU won.