New Delhi, February 21, 2021: The Government of Nepal has issued an advisory related to cash during the journey for all Indian and passport-holding foreign nationals coming to Nepal from India and other countries. As per the new rules, if an Indian citizen or foreign national visits Nepal with more than five thousand Nepali rupees or five thousand dollars, then he will have to fill a specific form. Legal action will be enforced if caught entering without filling the form.

Notice posted in Nepal’s Bhansar office Belahia

A notice has been circulated stating that all Indian and passport-holding foreign travellers coming to Nepal from India and other countries, carrying Nepali currency of five thousand and more than five thousand US dollars will have to give complete information in cash and bearer form at the Bhansar office main gate branch during Nepal admission.

Action to be taken if caught

Bhairahwa Bhansar’s information officer Teerth Paswan informed that soon a large board of information will be installed on the border. For this, a desk will be set up at a separate custom office so that no traveller has to face any problem during his trip to Nepal. He informed that this rule will apply equally to all foreign nationals visiting Nepal. Action will be taken under the Property Purification Act if caught.

People have been visiting Nepal from India to buy petrol

Due to the low prices of petrol and diesel in Nepal, people bordering the Nepal border are buying petrol in Nepal. There is a difference of around Rs 22 per litre in the price of petrol in India and Nepal. In the Indian border region, diesel is being sold at 81.62 and petrol pumps at Rs 89.12 per litre. At the same time, in Nepal, diesel is being sold at pumps for Rs 59.81 (Nepali Rs 95.70) and petrol for Rs 70.45 (112.70 Nepali rupees) Nepal. There is a difference of 21.81 in diesel and Rs 18.67 in petrol prices.