Friyana Munshi

Bhopal, March 28, 2021: A shocking case emerged from the state capital Bhopal, where seven different grooms arrived at a house to marry the same bride. However, neither the in-laws were found, neither was the bride. Post which, they approached the police with their problems, the Kolar police registered a case of forgery on the manager of the wedding institution. It is being said that 20 thousand rupees each were deposited under the pretext of getting married to all the grooms.

According to the information, in Madhya Pradesh’s capital Bhopal, an organization named Shagun Jan Kalyan Seva Samiti used to cheat millions under the pretense of getting people married. The committee had asked seven grooms to get married on the same day i.e. March 25. This institution used to run a whole gang of thugs on the pretext of marrying poor girls. For this, the institution used to charge 20 thousand rupees from the boys to set a meet-up. When the matter progressed up to marriage, it would tell the girl’s family that the boy has refused to marry. Seven different grooms reached the procession on the given date. But no one was found there, all of them were missing, and the lock was also found hanging at the door. The grooms kept calling the bride and her family for hours however, no response was received. Hence, the victims reached the police station with their complaints. 

TI Chandrabhan said, “A complaint has been filed on behalf of seven different people in the name of Shagun Jan Kalyan Seva Samiti, an institution of the city. In which a case of cheating has been registered. According to the police, this organization draws the attention of people by distributing leaflets in cities, towns and talking to everyone, and calling them to their office in Vineet Kunj in Kolar. It said that they helped poor girls marry.”

In the same case, Keshav, a victim of Bhind, said that he had first received this leaflet at a bus stand. When he called on the number recorded in it, a woman named Roshni Tiwari spoke to him and called him to his office. Keshav said that on January 16, when he reached the office in the afternoon, he was shown a 25-year-old girl. After this, the marriage was fixed. The committee had taken 20 thousand rupees in the name of getting them married. When he reached the address fixed for the wedding, he found a lock hanging there.

He called the people of Ghanto Sansthan but did not get any answer as well as the office of the committee was also locked. When he reached the police station to complain, there were six more grooms complaining in the same case. Two of which belonged to Agra, one to Shivpuri and one to Bhind. 

According to TI, a preliminary inquiry into the matter has revealed that Kuldeep Tiwari and his wife Roshni Tiwari run the Shagun Jan Kalyan Seva Samiti and another Rinku Sen used to call himself an employee of the institution. Roshni became the mother of Tiwari girls and cheated on the customers. Now, the police have registered a case against the operators of this institution and started the investigation.