Pune, 5th December 2022: In the upcoming months, airline passengers in the European Union (EU) will be able to use their phones without placing them in flight mode.
According to a new directive from the European Commission, airlines can provide passengers with both 5G mobile connectivity services and slower mobile data during flights. Additionally, passengers won’t need to switch on aeroplane mode once they board the aircraft.
According to reports, the deadline for EU member states to make 5G services available for aircraft is June 30, 2023.
According to a BBC report, the EU is paving the way for mobile connectivity in aircraft, allowing passengers to use their phones as they normally would to place and receive calls, as well as access the internet to watch videos, browse websites, and send text messages.
Only Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are now permitted on several flights across the world.
The EU has issued this directive to permit passengers to make calls because, since 2008, the EU Commission has reserved specific frequency bands for aircraft which are less likely to interfere with the instructions of the aircraft.