Bhopal, 13 April 2021: Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that corona infection is increasing in the state. The number of active cases has increased in Bhopal, Indore, Gwalior, Jabalpur. The state government is making every effort to make necessary health arrangements. The remaining empty beds of AIIMS Bhopal have been reserved for Covid patients after holding talks with New Delhi. The beds that will be vacant in AIIMS in future will also be reserved for Corona patients. Beds, oxygen, Remedisvir injections are being arranged for Covid patients and Covid care centres are being set up in every district. Along with this, the cooperation of voluntary and social organisations will also be taken in running the Covid Care Centres. Chief Minister Chouhan was holding discussions with media representatives after planting saplings in Smart Garden.

Training of volunteers started

Chief Minister Chouhan appealed to the media to cooperate in creating an atmosphere of public awareness and building trust to prevent corona infection. Chief Minister Chouhan said that he himself will communicate with the representatives of resident associations and colonies and appeal for cooperation. Chief Minister Chouhan informed that the training of volunteers involved in the campaign against corona infection has started.

Continuously increasing beds for Corona patients

Chief Minister Chouhan informed that arrangements have been made for beds in RKDF and People’s Hospital in Bhopal and Index Medical College in Indore. 17 thousand 452 beds were available in government and 13 thousand 250 in private hospitals on 9 April in the state. Today, on April 13, 36 thousand 446 beds are available for Covid patients in the state. Of these, 19 thousand 410 government and 13 thousand 36 beds are available in private hospitals. Apart from this, today we have succeeded in increasing the number of beds by more than 5 thousand 700.

Covid care centres started in 43 districts

Chief Minister Chouhan said that Covid Care Centres have been started in 43 districts. In these centres, 7 thousand 215 general beds are available. In addition, there are 4 thousand 847 beds for patients with mild symptoms. Covid care centres are yet to be established in 9 districts of the state.

267 metric tonnes of oxygen available

Chief Minister Chouhan said that on April 12, 267 metric tonnes of oxygen was made available in the state. On April 8, only 130 metric tonnes of oxygen was available. Efforts are continuing in this direction. Oxygen is supplied from the tankers in the state. Efforts are being made to increase the number of tankers. The oxygen tanker has been declared as an ambulance-like service for uninterrupted movement of tankers. For supply of oxygen to hospitals, Additional Chief Secretary S.N. Mishra and Controller Food and Drugs Administration and Commissioner Food Safety Shri P. Narhari have been entrusted with the responsibility. An oxygen utilization audit is also being arranged.

31 thousand Remedesivir injections received, will get 10 thousand more on April 16

Chief Minister Chouhan informed that so far 31 thousand Ramidevir injections have been received in the state. Today there will be 2 thousand more injections. With this, on April 16, 10 thousand Remedesivir injections will be received.

Restraint and cooperation will control the situation

Chief Minister Chouhan appealed to the people of the state to cooperate in curbing Corona infection. He said that there is a limit to resources. We have to be very cautious in taking precautions to prevent infection. Unnecessary travel will have to be avoided. The people of the villages should avoid coming to the cities and in cities also people should come out from the residents’ unions and colonies in very urgent situation. Chief Minister Chouhan said that only with restraint and team work shall we be able to control the situation.