Katra, 13th May 2022: A sudden fire broke out in a moving bus carrying people from Katra to Jammu near Nomai. This horrible catastrophe claimed the lives of four passengers, while at least eighteen others suffered burn injuries.

All of the burned passengers were sent to Katra’s Narayana Hospital. The fire department and police put in a lot of effort to put out the fire that was engulfing the bus. The situation is chaotic.

The bus number JK14/1831, according to the information received, left Katra after it had filled up with passengers. The bus must have barely travelled about one-and-a-half kilometres when the bus exploded, and the bus turn into a ball of fire. All of this happened so swiftly that the bus passengers did not have time to flee. There was a lot of yelling at the location.

Katra firefighters, police officers, and ambulances were dispatched. All of the people on the bus were evacuated with significant difficulty.

Four people, including a child, died of burns by the time the fire was put out and the passengers were evacuated, while 22 passengers were brought to Narayana Hospital in Katra in an ambulance.

From Nomai to Narayana Hospital, there was a lot of commotion. The location of the killed and injured people has not been published in its entirety.

However, SSP Amit Gupta of Reasi claims that early investigations have revealed that the fire started quickly when smoke erupted from near the bus’s engine. The situation is being looked at. Passengers entering the bus, on the other hand, said that there was a loud explosion inside the bus, which then caught fire.

Some claim that if the smoke had appeared earlier, the driver would have stopped the bus and evacuated all of the passengers, but no one had the opportunity to do so.