Motihari, 1 March 2021: Angry examinees attacked professors after they were not allowed to cheat in the BTech examination at Motihari .Engineering College in Bihar. At the same time, his vehicle was damaged. After the third year examination of the second shift ended on Friday, the students surrounded the assistant professor’s car, leaving the campus. The students damaged the car and assaulted Assistant professors. Dr. Tanmay Rath, Assistant Professor of the Department of Chemistry, and the other two professors in the vehicle, Sandeep Kumar, Nitish Kumar Yadav, and Nishant Kumar, were also hurt.

Earlier on Thursday night, at around 9 pm, the students also vandalized the college campus. Mirrors in most of the rooms were broken. Other items, including college computers, were also damaged. The principal has formed a six-member team to assess the damage. The police are investigating the matter.
Sadar DSP Arun Kumar Gupta says that no application has been received from the professor yet. Police officials of the Mufassil police station are on the spot to investigate the case. Here, the college administration has decided to close the college. Also, the students have been ordered to vacate the hostel by 10 am on Saturday.
Principal Ramachandra Prasad said that the students had damaged the car. At the same time, the college has been vandalized. The matter has been referred to the administration. The damage is being assessed, and further action will be taken based on the investigation report. At present, the college has been instructed to close and evacuate the hostel. The university has also been informed of this incident.