Bihar: Free corona vaccine in private hospitals, CM Nitish will take the first dose of vaccine in IGIMS today

Patna, 1 March 2021: Citizens will get the corona vaccine for free in Bihar, and there is no fee to be paid for taking the vaccine in any private or government hospital. The announcement was made after reviewing the third phase of corona vaccination under Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s chairmanship on Sunday. However, the Nitish cabinet had approved the free vaccination decision in November 2020 itself, but the central government has said that a maximum of Rs 250 will be charged in private hospitals. In such a situation, the Nitish government will pay the cost of vaccination in private hospitals.

Today, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar will start the third phase vaccination campaign at the Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Sheikhpura, Patna campus. On this occasion, the Chief Minister and the two Deputy Chief Ministers, and other officials will also take the Corona vaccine’s first dose. On Sunday, the Principal Secretary of the Health Department, Supriya Amrit, gave this information in a press conference held in the office premises of the State Health Committee, Bihar.

As part of the Phase III Corona Vaccination Campaign, preparations have been made to provide vaccines at 1600 vaccination centers in Bihar. Manoj Kumar, executive director of the State Health Committee, said that the number of vaccination centers will be gradually increased for the third phase vaccination campaign.

It is mandatory to present an Aadhaar card for taking the vaccine

According to Executive Director Manoj Kumar, it will be mandatory to present the Aadhaar card for taking the vaccine. Any other identity card will be allowed only under special circumstances. He informed that 14,000 trained workers are available under the general immunization campaign in the state. The government will also increase the deployment of human resources at vaccination centers as per the requirement. Assistance from ASHA, Anganwadi centers’ helpers and servants, and other organizations will be taken for vaccination at the vaccination centers. They will go to rural areas and give information about vaccination centers and vaccines.

Four members of a family will be able to register with a mobile number

Manoj Kumar said that four family members would be able to register online or onsite with a mobile number. The person desirous of registration must have a mobile number and a government-identifiable identity card. If registration is done online, OTP will come on their mobile, after which entry will be successfully registered on the Covin-2.0 portal. After registration, the beneficiaries can choose their nearest Covid vaccination center on the portal. Candidates can also schedule a vaccination date from the available slots.

One hundred persons will be vaccinated in a day at a vaccination center

The Executive Director informed that one hundred persons would be vaccinated in a day at a vaccination center. Three-room facilities will be available at the vaccination center. There will be an arrangement to check and wait for the vaccine registration in the first room. Vaccination will be given in the second room, and vaccinated persons will be monitored for half an hour in the third room. He said that all the earlier protocols regarding corona vaccination would remain in force.

Vaccination centers will be expanded in this way

March 15, vaccination centers will be extended to 1000 centers

1200 centers will operate from 16 March to 31 March

1500 centers will run from 01 April to 15 April

Vaccination will be done at 1600 centers from 16 April to 30 April.

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