Cairo, 14th August 2022: At least 41 people have died in a stampede following a fire at a church in Giza, Egypt. 5,000 people had gathered to pray in the church. The incident took place in Giza, Cairo, the capital of Egypt.

According to the information, children, church priests and civilians have died. The number of injured in the incident is yet to be disclosed. The church has suffered great damage due to the fire.

Fire hazard due to short circuit 

However, the exact cause of the fire in the church has not been revealed yet. But it is being speculated that a short circuit could be the reason behind the incident. The fire spread very quickly as the church building was old. The people of the church started running when the fire broke out and it led to a stampede. As a result, many people died of suffocation.

Children are more among the dead 

The incident took place this morning. The death toll is likely to be higher among the children. In fact, a nursery was also running in this church. However, the exact number of children who have been in the grip of the fire has not been ascertained.

After receiving information about the fire, 15 firefighters were sent to the spot and efforts were made to douse the fire. The injured and the dead have been admitted to a nearby hospital. Egypt’s health department said 55 people were injured. Health Ministry spokesman Hossam Abdel Ghaffar confirmed this information.