Punjab, 3rd November 2023: A video circulating online shows a minor Nihang Singh engaged in a confrontation with the police at Qaumi Insaaf Morcha. In the footage, he can be seen near the Golden Gate, boldly brandishing a pistol and subsequently discharging it into the air. Following the viral spread of this video, the police promptly intervened and apprehended the minor. The Maqboolpura police station has filed a case against him, leading to his subsequent placement in Juvenile custody. Additionally, the firearm used for the aerial firing has been confiscated by the authorities, who are currently ascertaining its legal status.

It is worth noting that during the Insaaf Morcha event organized by Qaumi Insaaf Morcha in Mohali, the same minor had clashed with the police and forcibly taken a security jacket from them, garnering considerable attention. Subsequently, he gained notoriety for consistently creating videos showcasing his exploits. In this instance, he sought to bolster his identity by producing a new video, featuring him firing into the air on a public road.

It is imperative to highlight that the Punjab Government has imposed a strict prohibition on the creation of such videos. Any individual found contravening this directive is subject to immediate legal action. Despite the government’s restrictions, the minor displayed a brazen disregard for the rules, fearlessly recording himself discharging a firearm into the air on a public thoroughfare.