Hooghly, 5th April 2021: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is busy campaigning vigorously in the ongoing state assembly elections in the state.

Despite a leg injury, Mamata is doing roadshows and rallies in wheelchairs. During a rally in Hooghly on Monday, Mamata Banerjee said that she would win Bengal with one foot. Not only this, but she also expressed her intention to become Prime Minister in the future.

During the rally in Hooghly, Mamta said, “I will win Bengal on one leg and in the future, will get victory in Delhi on two legs.”

Mamta also opposed the eight phases of elections in the state. She said, ‘What was the need to hold elections in eight phases? This was done by the BJP board. Considering the present situation of Corona, they should have completed the election within a short time.

Speaking at the rally she also said that BJP does not have any local candidates because they have borrowed all their people from either TMC or CPM. She also said,” They’re sprinkling money like water from a hosepipe. They who can’t say Sonar Bangla properly, can’t rule Bengal.”

During the election campaign in Nandigram last month, Mamta Banerjee got a leg injury. Mamta had alleged that she was deliberately attacked. However, later observers said in the report submitted to the Election Commission that no evidence of the attack was found on Mamta who was hurt in the accident. The report sent to the commission said that Mamata Banerjee was hit by a car door on March 10 in Nandigram.