Sambhal, 18th January 2022: A minor boy from Sambhal fell in love with a woman of Lucknow through Snapchat and Instagram. Following which the boy ran away from his home and stayed with the woman for four days in Lucknow.

After the family members of the boy lodged a missing complaint with the police, the cops rescued the 16-year-old boy from Lucknow. He is a student of class 11 in a school in Bahjoi.

On January 11, he left the house and did not return till late evening. For 48 hours, the family members kept searching for him in every possible place and contacted relatives, but when he could not be found, the family complained to Bahjoi Kotwali. After which the police started tracing the student through his mobile number while registering a case. The location of his mobile number was found in Lucknow.

Eventually, the team from Sambhal district reached Lucknow. The police took the help of local intelligence and traced him.

When questioned, he told, “I have come to her of my own free will and am living here.”

The police handed him over to his relatives.

Started through Snapchat, got momentum on Instagram: According to the boy, the conversation started through Snapchat in November 2021 and later on Instagram also. During the chat on these two platforms, pornographic videos were also exchanged.

According to the police, the woman is a widow, whose age is more than 30 years. Her social record shows that she often keeps falling in love with such minor boys.

“Beware of apps like Snapchat” Cyber Expert Sub-Inspector Ajit Singh said. He further added “The Snapchat app has been banned by the government for the time being, but at present there are some which are available while working in parallel with it, using some conversations which can prove to be dangerous. Many times, while talking on such apps, people are either extorted. Sometimes lives are lost. People should be careful to avoid this.”

Inspector Vikas Saxena, in charge of Bahjoi Kotwali, said, “No complaint has been made by Kishor against the woman.”