Thiruvananthapuram, 05 April 2022: UST, a leading digital transformation solutions company, has launched a new Multi-Level Car Parking (MLCP) facility for its employees at their Thiruvananthapuram campus.  The Multi-Level Car Parking (MLCP) facility has the capacity to accommodate 1800 four-wheeled vehicles. The new parking facility is one of the largest parking facilities in the city and the company.

The MLCP construction, including area development, was completed in just 34 months. The new facility comprises four levels and is the phase one of the MLCP project. UST has also lined up the phase two of construction, which will have an additional five levels and will be able to accommodate a total 4000 cars.

“The multi-level vehicle parking facility is now open at the UST campus and has been tuned in with the requirements of our employees, as they slowly return to the offices. We are glad that we could complete the project in just 34 months, despite a challenging Covid phase. The parking lot is sure to be a pride for the city, owing to its size and its capacity to accommodate over 1800 four-wheelers,” said Shilpa Menon, Center Head – UST Thiruvananthapuram.

“In future, we can add another 5 floors to accommodate a total of 4000 cars, probably making this the largest parking facility in the state. We are also planning to install solar panels on top of the MLCP in line with our sustainability initiative and our goal to be carbon neutral,” Shilpa Menon added.

The phase one of the MLCP, which is ready for opening, has been constructed on 6.18 lakh sq ft of space, with 1.25 lakh sq ft of space on each level. The four levels of parking have been equipped with four elevators and six fire escape exits. Significant about the new Multi-Level Car Parking Facility at the UST campus is that it has been made future-ready in tune with the times, with as many as 75 EV charging bays incorporated.  The driveways have been built with safety and comfortable driving in mind. The one-way driveways are 9 metres wide at the entrance and 6 metres wide after the entry point.

Adding a green cover to the project, the volunteers at UST have also created a Miyawaki forest around the parking facility. As many as 1000 fruit bearing and teak trees have been planted.