Thiruvananthapuram, 15 March 2022: In an effort aimed at sprucing up the health infrastructure facilities inside the Technopark campus, Guidehouse India has contributed Rs 15 lakh towards setting up a first-of-its-kind Lab Testing facility at the Technopark Employees Co-operative (TEC) Hospital. The funds contributed by Guidehouse India, a leading global provider of consulting services to public sector and commercial clients, has thus helped in establishing a full-fledged diagnostic facility, developed by the Technopark Employees Society.
Guidehouse India employees have always focussed on giving back to the community, and was evident through the contributions they had made to the community during the Covid-19 pandemic. The latest contribution to the TEC Hospital, operating on the Technopark campus, includes an RT PCR machine and also other testing facilities. These facilities will offer diagnostic facilities at reduced rates to Technopark employees and their families.
The diagnostics facility was inaugurated by Mahendra Singh Rawat, Partner and Country Head; Unnikrishnan RS, Director; and Rana T, Administration in-Charge, Guidehouse India, in the presence of the TEC Hospital management. “We are happy to collaborate with the TEC Hospital team and continue our CSR efforts on a larger scale,” Mahendra Singh Rawat, Partner and Country Head, said.
A significant contribution by Guidehouse India to boost the creation of health infrastructure, the new diagnostics facility at TEC Hospital will come handy for all employees working at various companies in Technopark.