New Delhi, 14th November 2022: Today (November 14), the University Grants Commission (UGC) asked higher educational institutions across the country to take necessary steps to hire professionals and industry experts as “Professor of Practice” in their respective institutions.

In August itself, the higher education regulator approved the draft of UGG guidelines for taking the service of “professor of practice” in all universities and colleges.
As per the UGC guidelines, those who qualify will be employed as “Professor of Practice”. In this scheme, such people will also be included who have made a special place in any field like- Engineering, Science, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Commerce, Social Science, Media, Literature, Fine Arts, Civil Services, Force and Legal Services, etc.

In a letter to the vice-chancellors of all universities, the UGC said on Monday said, “One of the recommendations given in the National Education Policy 2020 is that the services of experts in the relevant field should also be hired in higher educational institutions. For this, experienced professionals/ Industry experts, etc will be adopted. Guidelines have already been published by UGC for the recruitment of “Professor of Practice”

The UGC has urged the Vice-Chancellors of all universities and principals of colleges to take steps to make necessary changes in their rules to adopt the “Professor of Practice”.

UGC President M Jagadesh Kumar said that the post of “Professor of Practice” gives a unique opportunity to the educational institutions to take advantage of the various faculty members of the respective discipline.

The designation of “Professor of Practice” will attract people who have exemplary experience in an industry and can be a mentor to the students. He said that in this direction the UGC is continuously working with the universities in this direction so that the appointments of “Professor of Practice” can be done.