Delhi, 14th November 2022: A horrifying case has come to the fore in the country’s capital Delhi today. The murder mystery of Mumbai’s Shraddha, who has been missing for the last six months, has finally been solved by the police. When the police investigated the matter, Shraddha’s friend turned out to be the killer. According to the police, the killer Aftab Amin Poonawalla has been arrested and he was the live-in partner of the girl. Investigation revealed that the accused had cut Shraddha into 35 pieces.

Disclosing the matter, Delhi Police said that Aftab and Shraddha, who had fled from Mumbai to Delhi, used to work in a call centre when both of them became friends. Friendship soon turned into love, but the girl’s parents were not happy with their relationship.

After this, both of them came to Chhatarpur, Delhi, and started living in a live-in secretly. Meanwhile, when Shraddha started talking about marriage with Aftab, he started running away from her and often fights started between the two. One day, Aftab Inta got angry that he killed Shraddha. After this, Aftab cut the body of Shraddha into 35 pieces and kept it in a refrigerator, which he kept throwing one by one in the forest of Mehrauli. Police said it took him 18 days to do so.

This case has brought other similar cases back into the light.

In a case which took place in the Ghana village of Tilwara in Jabalpur, a young man had killed his girlfriend in a resort named Mekhla. After being cheated in love, the young man slit the girl’s throat with a sharp weapon. In the case, the accused businessman had told the police that the girl had cheated him of more than eight lakhs.

Hearing the case of Rajesh Gulati chopping his wife into 72 pieces in Dehradun, everyone’s soul trembles. In this case, Rajesh killed his wife Anupama after a quarrel and then a fight. But this matter was disclosed with great difficulty. The police worked hard to find the body of Anupama, who had been missing for 57 days. Rajesh had created a story after killing his wife, in which he had talked about leaving Anupama’s house. But, 50 days later, when he tried to hide the matter by sending a suicide message to Anupama’s brother from Anupama’s phone, he got trapped. When the police investigated, a deep freezer was found in his house, which found Anupama’s body in 72 pieces. The accused was sentenced to life imprisonment in the case.

One such case of murder by a lover is from Delhi only. Here in February 2011, the body of a tattooed girl Neetu Solanki was found in a bag at the New Delhi Railway Station. This murder mystery was disclosed by the Delhi Police. Raju Gehlot, the accused in the case, was Neetu’s lover. Both ran away from their families and lived in a live-in in Delhi. Neetu and Raju both wanted to get married, but for this, Neetu started pressuring Raju to share the property with her family members. Due to this, Tanj Agar Raju killed Neetu.