Tragic Incident In Bihar: Three Children Died Due To Scorching Fire During Holika Dahan In Bodh Gaya

Bihar, 29 March 2021: Three children died in the tragic accident on the occasion of Holi in Gaya, Bihar. The accident occurred due to a bush fire on the hill, and three children died in a scorching fire.

Villagers said that after Holika Dahan, the children went to the hill opposite the village with the woods. The children went far ahead on the hill. one of the children ignited the fire in the woods, because of which the entire bush caught fire. When the children saw the fiery flames, they went up the hill because there was no other way. The four children tried to escape but were caught in the fire. Three children died on the spot, and the fourth child is under treatment.

The deceased include Kaleshwar Manjhi’s 12-year-old son Rohit Kumar, Babulal Manjhi’s 13-year-old son Nandlal Manjhi and Pintu Manjhi’s 12-year-old Upendra Kumar. On the other hand, Ritesh Kumar, the 12-year-old son of Geeta Devi, the deputy head of the Moratal Panchayat, is injured.

The relatives of the three deceased have cremated the dead body today in the morning. No family has so far filed a written complaint against anyone in the police station. Bodhgaya Police Station Inspector Mitesh Kumar confirmed the case.

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