N Kumar

Nalanda, March 27, 2021: “I had never targeted to get a ranking in the district. I tried to pass with good marks so that my mother could be happy. I want to become CA,” said Shambhavi Suman, a student of Biharsharif, who placed 3rd in the district in Intermediate result in Commerce.

Shambhavi Suman, a student of Biharsharif, ranked third in the commerce examinations across the district in the examination. Muskan Kumari who came in the top rankings is also a student of Nalanda Collegiate School and has received 456 marks. Both the students have illuminated the name of their school in the state.

To celebrate this moment of happiness, father Dilip Kumar Rukhayar and mother Aju Kumari Sinha fed sweets to Shambhavi. Her parents also said, “We never put pressure on our child to get involved in the race of numbers. Yes, we did encourage them to study well.”

Shambhavi, “I studied commerce to become a CA. Now the expectations of family and people around me have increased. I will try to stand up to these expectations.”