Friyana Munshi

Ghaziabad, March 19, 2021: The Lucknow Mail, which runs from New Delhi, received a bombing threat late Thursday night. The Delhi Control Room was stirred up after the information received and the train was halted at Ghaziabad junction. The RPF informed the GRP and the Ghaziabad police. The local police reached Ghaziabad station with a dog and bomb disposal squad and searched the Lucknow Mail intensively. For almost an hour, the train was searched in every corner, due to which the passengers also had to face a lot of problems. Upon confirmation of nothing being found in the train, the officers breathed a sigh of relief and the train was allowed to leave.

In Ghaziabad itself, the traffic police on Delhi Meerut Highway has accused the NCRTC of diversion without providing any prior information. This is creating a traffic jam situation on the Delhi-Meerut highway. In this regard, SP Traffic will write a letter to the NCRTC. Vehicles coming from GT Road towards the city had to bend with a cut on the Meerut Tiraha. But due to the construction work of Rapid Rail, this cut has been closed. According to the police, the NCRTC has made a new cut 100 meters ahead on the Meerut highway itself. Traffic police were not tipped before making the cut. The place where the cut has been made, not enough space exists to help heavy vehicles exit. The heavy vehicle is barely able to turn. There is no marking to turn on the cut. GT Road and Meerut have come under the influence of jam on diversion without informing the police.

SP Traffic Ramanand Kushwaha said that NCRTC has diversified on Meerut Tiraha without informing the traffic police. This makes it difficult to handle the traffic system. A letter will be written to the NCRTC. Here, the public relations officer of the NCRTC, Puneet Vats said that the diversion was done only after informing the police. When diversion was carried out, the police were deployed on the spot.