Uttar Pradesh: Daughter Kills Her Father With The Help Of Her Lover In Ayodhya

Ayodhya, 22 March 2021: Darbari Lal Rawat, a resident of Chakka Majre Saraitha village, had dinner with his wife Sunita Devi and girl Ranjo on Saturday night and went to bed with his wife in the yard. Around 11 p.m., daughter Ranjo asked her mother to sleep at home, but the mother did not go. However, later her mother, Sunita Devi, agreed and went to sleep inside the house.

When Sunita awakened her husband Darbarilal at four in the morning on Sunday, he did not wake up. When she went near to check on him, she found out that he was no more.

Patranga police station in-charge Ramkishan Rana and CO Rudauli reached with Dr. Dharmendra Yadav on the spot. There were also marks of rope on the neck of the deceased. A wound on the back and blood was flowing out from the ears, nose, and mouth. Upon investigating the incident, the Police suspected Ranjo.  During interrogation, Ranjo told the Police that Father had fixed her marriage, but she did not want to do that marriage.

She told Police that her father threatened to kill and expel her. He was becoming an obstacle to her relationship with the boy she wanted. So he strangled them with a rope. Ranjo told that his lover Ravikumar Lodhi also helped her in killing her father.

Police are questioning both of them in custody, but neighbors and family have claimed that the girl and boy cannot murder Darbari Lal Rawat. They claim that many other people were also sleeping at a distance of 10 to 15 feet apart, but none of them heard anything.

On seeing the dead body, it appears that the deceased struggled hard to save his life. Dr. Rudauli Dr. Dharmendra Yadav said that the girl of the deceased has confessed to the murder. Both have been taken into custody, and the body has been sent to the district headquarters for post mortem.  The Police are carrying out a further investigation.

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