Lucknow, 15 March 2021: BJP MP Kaushal Kishor’s daughter-in-law Ankita, attempted suicide outside his house, after which she was rushed to a civil hospital. A few hours before, her video was surfaced in which she was seen weeping and making serious allegations against his son Ayush. She alleged that he has cheated on her.

She alleged in the video-, “I can not fight anybody because your father is MP and mother legislator, no one will listen to me. I have not let anyone touch you to date, so how can I kill you. You and your family are spreading lies and have left no choice except to take my own life.

In the video, she further said, “You did not pay the house’s rent, did not fill the gas cylinders, did not even think about my livelihood. If you don’t come to me, I don’t even have to live. I am going, and you will remember me and think that you will not find anyone who wants more than me. You are the reason for my death”.

Earlier, BJP MLA’s son released a video and made serious allegations against his wife. He explained in the video that his wife, Ankita Singh framed him. He said that he would surrender and has done nothing wrong. He did not shoot himself. If he had been in the house that day, he would have been murdered.

Ayush reached the police station, told himself innocent
Ayush Kishore himself arrived at the Madhiyaan police station on Sunday and recorded the statement. Ayush said in his statement that it was given to him by his friend Chandan Gupta. Ayush also accused Adarsh and his sister of hatching a conspiracy, calling them innocent. According to Inspector Madianv Manoj Singh, Aayush was interrogated for about two and a half hours on Sunday. Ayush has been called for questioning again on Monday. FIR has been registered for conspiracy and fraud by firing himself on MP’s son.