Lucknow, 12 March 2021: The Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh has given strict orders to remove all religious places built on public areas and roadways. The Home Department has issued an order in this regard to all the Commissioners and District Magistrates. In addition to this, directives have also been given that the government should be made aware of the number of encroached religious places that will be lifted. The government has issued these instructions in the order of the High Court.

The UP government has stepped up the exercise to remove the shrines built on the highways, roads, and streets. Strict instructions have been given to District Magistrates not to allow any structure or construction of religious nature anywhere along the road.

Any building constructed after January 1, 2011, will be removed immediately. The government has asked the district magistrates to submit a report to the Additional Home Chief Secretary immediately. The detailed report will be submitted to the Chief Secretary in two months.

The High Court has issued the order to remove the shrines built by encroachments along the roads, after which it was directed to remove such shrines. Strict instructions have been given to all the Mandalayukta, DM, Police Commissioner of Gautam Budh Nagar and Lucknow IG and DIG, SSP, and SP. It has been said that such constructions completed before January 1, 2011, should be planned and transferred to the private land proposed by the followers of the respective religious structures or the people managing it within six months.

The order issued also states that the private land on which the religious structure will be transferred should belong to the community concerned. Officials should also ensure that there is no encroachment by constructing any religious place on the public road. It has also been asked to ensure that people’s traffic or movement is not affected due to religious activities on the highway, road, street, or pavement. Such activities must take place at places or private places identified for the concerned religious class.