Jashpur (Chhattisgarh), 23rd July 2022: In a shocking incident, a teacher was found lying unconscious on a chair after getting drunk. The incident occurred in Tikaitganj Primary School on the outskirts of Jashpur district headquarters and 430 km from Raipur, Chattisgarh.

On Thursday, the education officer did a surprise inspection of the school and found the teacher there. Children were playing around her.

When Block Education Officer (BEO) Siddiqui entered the class, he saw that a female teacher named Jagpati Bhagat was sleeping on the chair. He tried to wake up the teacher by calling her but it did not affect her.

Siddiqui said, “I was shocked to see the teacher lying on the floor and the children busy playing. Initially, I thought she was sick. I inquired about her from the third-fourth grade children. I was shocked to hear when the kids said that she was drunk.”

After this, the BEO called Additional SP Pratibha Pandey and informed her about the incident and asked the lady constable for help in sending the teacher for a medical checkup. The ASP immediately sent two policemen to the school, who took Bhagat to the district hospital in a police van.

Siddiqui said that the doctors after examination confirmed that the teacher had consumed alcohol as alcohol was found in her blood. The District Education Officer has suspended Bhagat.

Siddiqui said the parents of the students complained that Jagapathi was coming to school under the influence of alcohol for the past few days. He said the school committee had warned Bhagat to give up the habit but to no avail.

School headmistress Aarti Bhagat had also warned him on several occasions. According to the DEO’s office, five teachers have been suspended in the Jashpur district since the academic session began on June 16 – three of them had come to school under the influence of alcohol.