Chhattisgarh, 2nd December 2022: In a major disaster in Chhattisgarh, many villagers have been trapped due to a sudden mine collapse in the village of Malegaon, 11 km from the Jagdalpur area of the state. It has come to light that seven people died in the accident. According to the information, at present, more than 12 villagers are feared trapped in this mine, whose evacuation work is going on. Police and SDRF teams are engaged in the rescue operation.


As soon as the mine collapsed in Malegaon, there was a hue and cry all around. SDRF has also been called on the spot after getting the news from the police. Now the work of removing the soil of the mine is going on with the help of JCB. According to the information, there is no concrete information about how many people are still trapped in it.