New Delhi, 29th January 2023: The dream of making the country a developed nation by the year 2047 may still seem like a distant dream, but the central government has moved fast in this direction. A big initiative has been taken to achieve the target of 100 per cent literacy. For this, a new literacy campaign has also been prepared. It will be necessary for every student studying in universities and higher educational institutions to teach at least five illiterate people every year. For this, they will also get a credit score, which will be added to their course.

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has instructed all universities and higher educational institutions to implement the new literacy scheme from the new academic session itself. Along with this, a detailed guideline has also been issued for this, in which, the project work and assignment of each course have been asked to be linked to it. These will include both graduate and post-graduate courses.

Under this scheme, five credit scores will be given for teaching an illiterate. But it will be available only when the learner gets the certificate of being literate. For this, some centres will be opened in every university and on behalf of the state government.

According to UGC, this initiative will speed up the literacy campaign. At present, the literacy rate in the country is about 78 per cent. Whereas in the new campaign started with this, a target has been set to make it 100%. Meanwhile, the UGC has also suggested special training for students from universities and higher educational institutions to teach illiterate people.

According to experts, behind this initiative, students have to give some responsibility along with their studies. This will also give them a better chance to connect with society. It is noteworthy that at present, there are more than one thousand universities and about 45 thousand colleges in the country.