Vrindavan, 3rd November 2023: Born in an Arya Samaji family in Faridabad, Priya developed a fondness for Kanhaiya from a young age. Despite facing opposition from her family, she continued to visit Govardhan and Vrindavan with her aunt. At the age of 14, she made the decision to separate from her family and forge her own career path.

Initially working as a Forensic SI, Priya shifted gears to take on the role of an HR air hostess when she felt the need for change. Her family had previously forbidden her from marrying, but a year ago, with their blessing, she formalized her union with Swaroop Laddu Gopal of Thakur Banke Bihari. When her first Karva Chauth arrived, she observed the fast with utmost devotion, adorning her hands with mehendi bearing Thakurji’s name, wearing sixteen makeup items, and circumambulating the Panchkosi of Vrindavan. After performing the necessary rituals, she concluded her fast by having Kanhaiya sit before her.

Devotees of Lord Shri Krishna hold an unwavering faith, readily sacrificing everything to be closer to Him. Sita, a resident of Palwal, Haryana, not only defied family norms but also adopted the name Priya. As a sub-inspector, she bore the responsibility of a forensic team, donning stars on her shoulders. Her love for God grew stronger with time, ultimately leading her to Vrindavan, where she wedded Laddu Gopal the previous year.

Setting aside her aspirations to be closer to God, Priya left her home 14 years ago, firmly resolving not to marry without her family’s consent. After this long period, she mustered the courage to ask her mother if she would bless her marriage. Her mother agreed, and on November 29, 2022, Priya, also known as Priyakant or Pihu, was united in matrimony. Priya revealed that alongside pursuing an MBA and PhD, she excelled in sports, earning recognition in the university. She secured the position of SI in Chandigarh Forensics through the sports quota, but soon after, her heart turned towards Gopalji. This shift in focus prompted her to leave her job and take on the role of an air hostess with Indigo Air. The call of Vrindavan remained irresistible, leading Priya to leave behind everything else and return to the sacred city.