Jaipur, February 26, 2021: Robert Vadra, husband of Congress party leader Priyanka Gandhi, who reached Jaipur in Rajasthan, said that the call of the general public is that he should come into politics and take some responsibility.

Robert Vadra arrived at the Moti Dungri Ganesh temple in Jaipur on Friday morning. He also duly worshipped in the temple. After this, in an interview given to a TV channel, he gave the indication of entering politics. He said that is why he is raising issues related to the general public every day. Robert Vadra said in an interview given to a TV channel in the hotel after worshipping in the temple that “I have been associated with the Gandhi family for the last 25 years. The public wants me to come into politics and take some responsibility – Lead an area.”

Robert Vadra said, “Somebody wants me to enter from Moradabad and another wants me to step into politics from Ghaziabad. The right time will come. That is why I regularly raise some public issues. Recently, against the rising rates of petrol and diesel, I gave a message by reaching the office on a bicycle. The general public is troubled by the ever-increasing inflation, whether they buy medicines for themselves or petrol.” However, on a question related to the ED, Vadra said that all the allegations made against him are baseless. “I have provided all types of papers to agencies. I believe that Ganesh Ji will get rid of these charges soon.”

Not only this, but Robert Vadra has also defended the recent remarks made by Rahul Gandhi in Kerala regarding the politics of North and South India. Robert Vadra said that Rahul is neutral and sees India in uniformity. Vadra said, “Rahul Gandhi has not said anything with the intention to hurt anyone. He is neutral and sees India as one. Rahul loves the people of Uttar Pradesh, Amethi and Gujarat alike.”

If Robert Vadra enters politics, it will be huge. However, Congress may once again be accused of dynasticism.