Renu Sharma

Nagaur, 22nd January 2022: An angry Railway Protection Force (RPF) head constable thrashed two elderly men with kicks and punches at Makrana railway station in Nagaur district in Rajasthan. He also abused both. One of them died shortly after the incident.

However, officials say that the beating has nothing to do with the death. The video of the incident went viral on the internet on Saturday. The video is being told two days old.

Head constable Rampratap was watching the security arrangements at the railway station two days ago. During this, he saw two elders sleeping. He started hitting them with straight kicks and punches without talking. He kept hitting an old man in the face with his foot.

The passengers present on the spot also tried to stop him, but Ram Pratap did not agree. In the video, both the elderly are looking very ill. In the video, the passengers are heard telling Ram Pratap that both of them will die.

After this, he dragged both the elders one by one and took them outside the railway station and dropped them outside the station. On Friday, the body of one of them, Abdul Aziz, was found in the musafirkhana of the railway station. He was identified on the basis of documents found with him. The other is not known where he went.