Banswara, 20th January 2022: After 40 years of love marriage in Banswara, Rajasthan, the daughter, and son-in-law got the elderly couple married with full rituals.

The wedding was conducted in view of covid-19 guidelines. Only 100 people attended the wedding. Every family member was happily present at the wedding.

About 40 years ago, Babu (60), a resident of Vadlipada in Roopgarh, had fallen in love with Kanta (60), a resident of Talaipada. Back then love marriage was not accepted in society, because of which they both got secretly married and then lived together against the social customs.

Babu and Kanta still regret not being able to get married socially. His daughter Seema and their Son-in-law Raju continuously heard such stories. Later both of them planned to get their parents married. Invitations were sent to the guests, and the wedding date got fixed. The families of the bride and groom were called and finally, the elderly couple is happily married now.