Friyana Munshi

Muzaffarnagar, February 20, 2021: Farmers’ protest continues on the Delhi border against the agricultural laws of the Center. Meanwhile, Congress General Secretary and in-charge of Uttar Pradesh, Priyanka Gandhi arrived in Muzaffarnagar today. Addressing the Kisan Mahapanchayat, Priyanka Gandhi targeted the Modi government.

Priyanka Gandhi said that “every leader should realize that people do him a favor, I completely realize it.” Priyanka Gandhi stated that the farmers who protested on the Delhi border were insulted. Farmers who sent their sons to the border for the protection of the country were humiliated. He was called a traitor, he was called a terrorist. PM Modi joked about the peasant movement in front of the entire parliament. Farmers were called parasites.”

Priyanka Gandhi further said “PM Modi was smiling when farmer leader Rakesh Tikait had tears in his eyes during the movement. The Prime Minister promised to pay the dues. The PM promised to double the income of the farmers. Did income increase?”

Priyanka Gandhi asked whether sugarcane prices have increased since 2017? “You are all sugarcane farmers, did the government increase the price of sugarcane. How much do you owe? Sugarcane farmers in UP owe 10 thousand crores and if the cane arrears across the country were to be accounted for, then 15 thousand crores remain outstanding. Dues not yet completed, but PM has bought two airplanes to tour the world. What is the cost of two airplanes? The price of these two airplanes is 16 thousand crores. While the arrears of sugarcane farmers can be paid for 15 thousand crores rupees. Priyanka Gandhi said that the price of sugarcane has not increased but the price of oil and electricity is touching the sky. Prime Minister Modi behaves like an arrogant king.” In Muzaffarnagar, along with Priyanka Gandhi, Congress state president Ajay Kumar Lalu and many other leaders were also present.

Looking for political land

However, Priyanka Gandhi was to attend the Kisan Panchayat in Mathura, but it was postponed due to the death of former Union Minister and senior Congress leader Captain Satish Sharma. Now on 23 February farmers will hold a Mahapanchayat in Mathura. Priyanka Gandhi has addressed the Kisan Mahapanchayat in Saharanpur and Bijnor.

Congress party is running the ‘Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan’ campaign in 27 districts of UP against agricultural laws. In fact, Congress is engaged in preparing public opinion in support of the farmer movement through these Kisan Mahapanchayats. Priyanka Gandhi is doing a Kisan Panchayat to strengthen the Congress land in Uttar Pradesh. It is believed that the Congress is also engaged in preparations for the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections through the same.