Kanpur: Man burnt the landlord’s entire family alive, two children died


Harleen Kaur Grewal

Kanpur, Match 01, 2021: In the Kanpur countryside, the husband of a soldier, who was staying in the house of the councilor of Nehru Nagar, Akbarpur, set fire to the landlord, his wife, and two children on Sunday night. The family was severely burnt in the fire. Hours later both children died in the hospital, while the husband and wife are in critical condition. After the incident, the accused tried to kill himself by jumping in front of the vehicle in front of Kotwali, which also seriously injured him.

Usha Prajapati, a woman constable posted in Akbarpur Kotwali, was living on rent with her husband in the house of Jitendra Kumar, a councilor in Nehru Nagar. On Sunday night, she went on duty to the police station, her husband Avnish went to leave her. Upon returning, he arrived on the first floor carrying petrol in a bottle where the family of the councilor lives. At that time, Archana, the wife of Arshad, daughter Harshita (5), and son Hanu (15 months) were in the kitchen, Avnish put petrol on them and set them on fire.

Seeing the family surrounded by fire, when the councilor went to save Jitendra, Avnish also threw petrol on him, due to which he also got caught in the fire. When another soldier living on the same floor, arrived to save them, Avnish attacked her with a stick and ran away. He jumped down from the first floor with the help of a cable and set fire to the car of the councilor. Meanwhile, the people around heard their cries for help, they extinguished the fire of the car and when they reached the top, they were scared to see the scene.

People somehow extinguished the fire and informed the police, the police reached and sent the whole family to the hospital from where the doctors referred everyone to Kanpur. Both children died in Kanpur during treatment. According to doctors, Archana’s condition is more serious. On the other hand, the condition of Avneesh, who charged into traffic, is also serious. People said that on the highway he first tried to commit suicide by standing in the path of a car but the driver stopped the car, after which he jumped in front of a very vehicle. The father of the councilman said that there was never any dispute between the families.

SP Keshav Kumar Chaudhary said that the cause of the incident has not been known yet, but the accused is said to be depressed. Due to the critical condition of the couple and their children, an officer was sent to Kanpur for treatment with Akbarpur, where the deaths of the children have been reported.