Firing In Jhansi: Student Shoots Another Student Studying In Class Then Returns Home To Shoot Student; One Died

Jhansi (Uttar Pradesh), February 19, 2021: At the Bundelkhand Degree College in Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, a student shot a boy studying in the class room. After this, he went to another student’s home and shot her as well. The students injured by the bullet were hurriedly admitted to a medical college where the girl died while the condition of the boy remains critical. 

According to the information received, the student who got shot is named Hukumendra Singh Gurjar. He hails from Kosi Kala of Mathura. He is a student of Bundelkhand Degree College. On Friday afternoon, he was studying in class. Meanwhile, a fellow student came to class and shot him. The incident stirred chaos into the college. After shooting the student, he arrived at the Mission Compound. There he shot Krutaka, a student in front of her house.

The arrested student, who was running away after firing the shot, was caught by the people and handed over to the police. Hukumendra and Krutaka were taken to a medical college for treatment. Where upon arrival Krutaka died within a few minutes. Hukumendra’s condition is said to be critical.

Pistol and cartridge recovered from accused

In this case, SSP Jhansi said that a student studying in Bundelkhand Degree College shot a boy and girl of his own class. First, he shot his classmate Hukumendra in the head and then went to the market and shot his classmate girl. Police later arrested him and recovered a .32 bore pistol and cartridge from his possession. The accused is under questioning post which the cause of the incident will be known. Both the injured were undergoing treatment in the hospital. The girl however passed away.

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