Sushant Ranjan
Patna, January 31, 2021: Traffic jam is not a new thing in the state capital Patna. Citizens are facing a traffic jam situation every day. Now, the District Magistrate has started working to ease traffic in the city.

The motorist of the western part of the city and one of the posh areas, Boring Road, face traffic chaos daily. However, the DM Dr Chandrashekar Singh has taken an initiative and inspected on Sunday to make a U-turn near AN College.

The work is going on to make a U-turn near AN college. The DM discussed with authorities for smooth and safe vehicle movements to overcome the problem of jam.

Action to be taken against encroachers
The residents of Shivpuri and Rajiv Nagar are facing heavy traffic jam in the evening daily. However, the DM has directed to take action against encroachments in both areas.

Today, he also inspected both the places on the Atal Path. He also instructed to eliminate the problem of jams caused by vegetable vendors in the evening under the flyover in Shivpuri and Rajiv Nagar.

DM has set up a special task force and directed to depute the magistrate, police officer and police force. Simultaneously, the Sub-Divisional Officer, Sadar and Executive Officer have been asked to identify places for vending zones by coordinating with the vegetable vendors.