Sushant Ranjan

Patna, February 02, 2021: To ensure the successful and smooth running of paddy procurement work, District Magistrate (DM) Dr Chandrashekhar Singh held a meeting with all the sub-divisional officers through video conferencing and directed them to expedite procurement and purchase paddy from the remaining registered and surveyed farmers.

The review found that so far 177825.492 MT (65.86%) paddy has been procured from a total of 26830 farmers. A total of 35127 MT (1301Lots) CMR has been deposited so far. PACS has been paid Rs 65.54 Cr from State Food Corporation. The total active PACS/trading board so far is 246. Interested farmers have been surveyed for paddy procurement 2020-21. The number of remaining farmers surveyed so far is 7914, out of which 5618 have been purchased from interested farmers.

The District Magistrate directed all the Sub-Divisional Officers to expedite the procurement work and achieve the achievement as per the target. For this, he coordinated with PACS/ Miller and directed to review the daily procurement works and bring progress. He directed to purchase paddy from the remaining willing farmers out of surveyed and registered farmers.

The meeting was attended by the District Cooperative Officer, Managing Director, Central Cooperative Bank, and all the sub-divisional officers and several PACS presidents from video conferencing.