Pune, 21st December 2022: MIT Art, Design and Technology university’s MIT School of Engineering and MIT College of Management and 50-plus companies in India have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to encourage liaison between their faculty and administrative staff, departments, and research centres, to collaborate with industries to bridge the gap between industry & academia. The MoU was signed by Prof. Dr Sunita Mangesh Karad, Director of MIT-COM, Prof. Dr. Virendra Sethe, Director, MIT-SOE and Phillips Machine Tools India Pvt. Ltd., Navi Mumbai, Sheetal Wireless Technologies Pvt. Ltd., at MIT ADT University.

According to an official release, the two institutes mutually agreed upon the exchange of information and resources for enabling collaborative research. The partnership will also enable the institutions to mutually leverage. Visits by and exchange faculty members, students, and research scholars. Joint research guidance of master’s and PhD students in areas of mutual interest, exchange of information, and development of projects and publications, Internship opportunities for students at laboratories of the respective institutions, Joint workshops, conferences, symposia, Special short-term programs at undergraduate and graduate levels, Sharing of research and academic facilities between MIT ADT University and 50 companies.

“This partnership is aligned with our goal of providing blended learning with a razor-sharp focus on research-based pedagogy. It is an opportunity for faculty and students to access best-in-class research facilities at both institutions, co-create innovative programs in education and research, and jointly address the most significant problems of our society,” Prof. Dr Mangesh Karad, Executive President & Vice-chancellor MIT ADTU said.

Phillips Machine Tools India GM Mr.Sit Kalkar said. “The two institutions have great complementarities, which should be utilized to make this MoU a success. We expect both the teaching and the research activities of the two institutions to be mutually enriched through the MoU,” he added.

Prof. Dr. Virendra Shete, Director MIT SOES, emphasized such activities for the betterment of the students. He further requested industry persons to come ahead in bridging the gap between industry & academia.

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