Mumbai, 7th April 2021: Maxivision Eye Hospitals, pioneers in the industry of eye care medical services, have adopted an advanced one-of-a-kind technology called Bipolar Ionizer that disinfects the hospital premises. An innovative technique that deactivates the virus helps in keeping the premises of a hospital COVID19 free. This system is believed to be the first of its kind to be introduced in India by MaxiVision. This system is provided by HVAC systems is powered and manufactured by Jaitra Devices and Systems LLP, Cherlapally, Hyderabad. Due to the large influx of visitors at the hospital, the healthcare industry must ensure that intense care is administered to sanitize the surfaces and have a clean environment.

The human body contains Microbes, which are in-built. However, these microbes don’t harm unless the immunity of our body system becomes weak. The Pathogen’s DNA contains glycoprotein which is the source of life for any virus or bacteria. When a virus or bacteria enters a human body through the medium of air, the glycoprotein starts infecting rapidly and starts reacting on our bodies. For the past 20 years, Bipolar Ionization technology is being used and implemented across various countries in the world. This technology generates both positive and negative ions in the air and neutralizes the glycoproteins and makes the air safe-to-breathe. The positive ions attack the glycoprotein of the virus thereby neutralizing it leading the virus to lose its property. Similarly, the negative ions get attracted to the neutralized virus, turning them into a cluster which becomes a heavy dead molecule once it falls on the surface.

Commenting on the new innovative technology, Dr.Kasu Prasad Reddy, Founder & Mentor, Co-Chairman, MaxiVision Eye Hospitals said, “ Since 1996 MaxiVision has introduced many innovative technologies in the eye care domain. With continued spirit, during the pandemic phase, we once again adopted a unique technology. The aim was to purify the air around the hospital surroundings using Bipolar Ionizer which as per international research has emerged as a COVID 19 destroyer. We have introduced this system that is considered to be the first of its kind in India and is also believed to be a rare technology globally. This technology will also be useful for many more hospitals, airports, cinema theaters, malls, bus stations, hotels and areas where the quality of air can get endangered through multiplying bacterias.”

Sudheer, CEO, MaxiVision Eye hospitals further added, “All MaxiVision hospitals are regularly fumigated and sterilized daily to ensure that the hospital premises are COVID free. Air quality is constantly checked and is also accessible for patients who visit us. We also perform a culture test to check the presence of bacteria at 22 points including the doorknobs and doctor’s room. These tests are then forwarded for testing to government and private labs. We keep all the equipment sterilized to ward off the air bacteria. Even in the past we regularly sterilized and fumigated all types of equipment with sterile solutions.

The operation theaters are shut till our premises are completely cleaned and sanitized. At the onset of a second wave, in addition to the social distancing norms, masks, temperature checks, and self-declaration forms we have started taking extra precautions through the use of Bipolar Ionizer which has emerged as the need of the hour.”

Lakhs of patients visit MaxiVision hospitals across all the branches and are treated without any complications. This was possible by maintaining the best sanitization procedures through technology and social distancing measures in the hospitals. As we gear up for the next wave, we must also move forward with increased awareness about the threat that the virus poses.