Ahmedabad, 05 April 2022: Legalwiz.in, a leading LegalTech firm, today announced the launch of the US Incorporation Services desk. The USA services desk will enable StartUps and SMEs to establish their businesses overseas. The scope of services will cover everything from US GAAP based accounting, taxation, payroll management to Registered Agent services, besides others.


Started in April 2016 to cater to StartUps & SMEs, Legalwiz.in enables legal, financial, corporate & taxation compliances. Enabled with a robust technology backbone, every step of the process is online to ensure efficiency, transparency and maximum value. LegalWiz.in recently launched the Partner Platform initiative aimed at bringing together different companies on a single platform is aimed at helping clients avail best-in-class expertise for a variety of requirements.


Speaking on the launch, Mr Shrijay Sheth, Founder – Legalwiz.in, said, “We are proud to launch the US Incorporation Services desk. As partner and enabler to aspiring StartUps, SMEs & firms who want to expand to the US market, we help them gain access to a better ecosystem, newer sales channels, global expertise, funding and International markets. As part of our growth plan, we have been piloting this over the last few months and till recently the services were restricted to existing clients only. Now, with domain depth, expanding our team and further building in-house expertise as a natural progression, we stand ready to offer the entire gamut of services to firms aspiring to enter the US market.”   


Reinforcing these points further, Mr Sheel Dhanani, CEO, Choice Restaurants, said “As one of the heritage & leading restaurant brands, it was just a matter of time till we ventured into the US market to cater to the NRI taste buds. We have a legacy of excellence and superior customer + client experience which I needed replicated in the US. As a 2nd generation entrepreneur taking the legacy forward, it was vital for me to execute the new expansion properly and here’s where we had a seamless experience with Legalwiz.in stepping in to help with C Corp incorporation, Franchisee documents & agreements,  securing the IP and ongoing compliances. As we plan further expansion, I strongly believe that a proven, experienced partner can make all the difference between failure and success in international markets.”