New Delhi, 11th November 2022: Twitter Blue is going to be launched in India very soon. It is reported that the platform can charge Rs 719 per month from Indian users to get a blue tick. Although the official price has not been announced, but some users have started getting messages for subscription. On Wednesday, the company started Twitter Blue in the US, UK and some other countries.
According to media reports, some users in India are being asked to subscribe to Twitter Blue. This service may be fully available in India in the coming few days. There are reports that $ 7.99 is being charged for this service in other countries including America, UK. In India, this facility will be available to iPhone users first.
Under Twitter Blue, users get a badge without going through any verification process. Company owner Elon Musk also recently said that Twitter Blue users will get priority on the platform.
Regarding Twitter Blue, Musk had earlier said that service charges outside the US will be determined based on the country’s buying ability. With this there was speculation that its price in India could be less than $ 7.99. However, according to the prompts being received by some Indian users, the opposite seems to be the case and users may have to pay Rs 719 per month.